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  • Shaer Reaz

    Started his writing career as a willingly-underpaid writer for Rising Stars, former youth magazine of The Daily Star. Currently he feeds his obsession for all things related to cars by working as Sub-Editor of Shift (automotive publication of Daily Star). He was part of Shift's inception since 2013. This Dhaka University economics student is mostly broke from buying scale model cars, fixing his real car and eating terrible food that often causes him food poisoning. To supplement he also takes on career related articles for Next Step. He is often seen keeping the office computers warm by playing LAN games of Need For Speed Underground 2 because that is the only game that will run on all the computers. In 2015.

  • The Rolls Royce SUV is a thing – but it didn't need to be

    Of all the automobiles ever produced, very few have been able to maintain the standards of craftsmanship and engineering that they were initially known for – except, perhaps, Rolls Royce. Originally the motor vehicle of choice for heads of state and royalty, the Rolls Royce motor car has enjoyed a cult of personality that places it in an exclusive club of one.
  • Steeped in history

    Kamrul Islam's Beetle, while not exactly representing the same values that earned the iconic VW the moniker of the “Love Bug”, still has a significant amount of history attached to it that places it in the shadow of human conflict and global politics.
  • Ride sharing is a relief but not yet a permanent solution

    For as long as anyone growing up in the Noughties can remember, Dhaka has had a traffic problem. In fact, an entire generation did much of their growing up stuck inside various forms of transport on Dhaka's gridlocked roads, waiting, sweating and cursing. The government took steps—building flyovers, introducing stricter policing and enforcement on the roads, uprooting streetside businesses to make space—but to no avail. With a growing economy and expanding purchasing power, more people bought cars and found more reason to go places.
  • Is the three wheeled i-Road the future?

    The i-Road looks cutesy and futuristic. But it is no toy. It could possibly be the car of the future. Here's why.
  • Curbing fake news or relinquishing responsibility?

    Social media giant Facebook has been under fire lately for their irresponsible handling of their users' data and for standing by and watching as a torrent of “fake news” flooded newsfeeds and distorted public perception of everything from Donald Trump's intelligence to what actually lies at the centre of the earth.