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  • Shaer Reaz

    Started his writing career as a willingly-underpaid writer for Rising Stars, former youth magazine of The Daily Star. Currently he feeds his obsession for all things related to cars by working as Sub-Editor of Shift (automotive publication of Daily Star). He was part of Shift's inception since 2013. This Dhaka University economics student is mostly broke from buying scale model cars, fixing his real car and eating terrible food that often causes him food poisoning. To supplement he also takes on career related articles for Next Step. He is often seen keeping the office computers warm by playing LAN games of Need For Speed Underground 2 because that is the only game that will run on all the computers. In 2015.

  • Breaking the cycle/rickshaw

    Thus, reads an article published on BBC News World Edition by the BBC Reporter in Dhaka, Alastair Lawson. It paints a bleak picture of the people at the helm of Dhaka’s ‘lowest’ form of transport—the cycle rickshaw. Considering the propensity of articles that cover a
  • KK Diecast VW Type I and the case for closed shell diecasts

    A recent thread on the Die-cast Car Collectors Club Bangladesh group on Facebook had a discussion on the pros and cons of closed shell
  • From sport compact to compact utility

    The Ford Puma is back! And…it’s a Compact Utility Vehicle, or a CUV. But why? Wasn’t it a slightly under-appreciated, technically
  • The art of restomod: 1959 Ford Zephyr Mark II

    The Ford Zephyr was a British Ford product that spanned the onward and upward decade of the global auto industry in-between 1950
  • Budget Daily: 1991 Toyota X81 Cressida

    The Toyota Mark II has a long and storied past. Initially introduced as a mid-size sedan to cater to the emerging class of business owners and company executives in Japan—slotting neatly below the larger, more luxurious flagship model that is the Crown.