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  • The GI factor: Marking what is truly ours

    What GI enlistment or tag does is that it allows customers and producers to create trust and confidence on the product’s authenticity and quality in internal or external markets. It helps create a reputation of the product, facilitating fairer prices and access to lager markets for the producers.
  • What real women think, what real women do

    “A whole generation worked to raise empowered women, but forgot to teach men to live with empowered women.”
  • Women at work

    There are multiple aspects to the barriers women face when they decide to work out of the house, be it for need or simply to pursue passions. Despite those facts,
  • The young and educated farmer Key to revolutionised agriculture

    If you have bought locally grown strawberries, or dragon fruit, or the out of season bottle gourd, and the luscious Thai guava all year round, you are already a beneficiary of the silent agri-revolution happening in Bangladesh.
  • Lee cooper - British shoes that fit like a dream

    What is better than getting shoes of one international brand in the nearly 200 branches of its eponymous chain shops across the country?