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  • Sadia Tahsin

  • Shomonnoi Bangladesh: Uniting people to combat COVID-19 and Amphan

    After reeling under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many youth-led relief initiatives have taken over the past quarter of this year.
  • Grand finale of ‘Idea Innovation Contest 2020’ held virtually

    With Covid-19 taking over the globe, many annual competitions developed for students have either been put on hold midway for an indefinite period, or cancelled. In the interim, Interactive Cares arranged a virtual grand finale for ‘Idea Innovation Contest 2020’, an entrepreneurship-based business idea event. This year, they came up with business ideas which will be profitable and sustainable during isolation and stabilise the socio-economic state of the country.
  • Dhaka Youth Club and Mohajon Foundation’s Manobik Store for underprivileged families

    Dhaka Youth Club and Mohajon Foundation established the Manobik Store in Bongshal to help underprivileged families during the global coronavirus crisis. With the slogan, bhalo thakun, bhao rakhun, the initiative was funded from their own accounts and maintained by the members of the club and the foundation.
  • Auxilio: Interacting with a computer differently

    Auxilio (meaning “to assist” in Latin) is a head mounted wireless device, created by a group of youngsters, as an alternative means for controlling a computer mouse. With this device, users can move the cursor by rotating their head in different directions, and implement clicks by their eye blinks.
  • International Women’s Day Walk: #FreedomFromFear

    A vigil-walk was seen in the north of the capital around the eve of International Women’s Day 2020. The event page of the walk, hosted by Deeory, has been circulating over Facebook for the past week.