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  • Sabrina N Bhuiyan

  • The Bride’s Sidekick

    This a glorious time, when the fabulously well-heeled fashionistas of Dhaka city turn out in their festive best, and sprinkle their heady stardust wherever they go.
  • The great hostess, on a budget

    We all love to entertain. There are few things in life as delightful as having friends and family breaking bread together over light-hearted conversation. Bengalis are renowned foodies and our lives revolve around food, family, friends and fun.
  • Just like animals

    “It is a lovely thing we have, the animal instinct,” went the popular song from the ‘90s by The Cranberries.
  • Essentials for elegance!

    You know that moment of sheer panic in the morning, the shrill alarm jolts you out of your sweet slumber, you wake up and instantly,
  • Imbue your interiors with elegance this Eid

    What a wonderful time of the year it is right now! The blessed Ramadan has brought us the opportunity to get closer to Allah yet again, and we couldn’t be more grateful. With anxious anticipation, we are awaiting the Eid day, and preparations for it are in full swing to make sure