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  • Priyanka Chowdhury

  • “Performance art involves looking at life through a micro lens”

    In ‘Let Me Get You a Nice Cup of Tea’, artist Yasmin Jahan Nupur sits across from spectators at an English-styled tea table, in her white jamdani shari.
  • Tayeba Begum Lipi on stitching through the pandemic

    Perhaps it is not a coincidence that the name ‘Lipi’ translates to ‘inscription’ in English. Her razor-sharp commentary on the politics of gender and female identity and representation has given her work a unique character.
  • An insight into installation art

    Installation, a relatively new genre of contemporary art, is practiced by postmodernist artists.
  • The deserted performing spaces

    While artistes are exploring different digital platforms as makeshift performing spaces, the once crowded physical venues and auditoriums now remain deserted, amid the coronavirus crisis.
  • When the shows don’t go on

    As we wrestle with the coronavirus pandemic, theatre artistes and production workers are trying to figure out how to stay afloat and take care of their community, since the very notion of live entertainment has become taboo.