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  • An ode to Feluda

    It is no secret that Feluda was Satyajit Ray’s answer to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. Nonetheless, for at least three generations, Feluda has been a household name in most Bengali families. When Ray brought Detective P C Mitter from pages to the screen, his hand drawn illustrations hinted to just one name— Soumitra Chatterjee.
  • Pracheta Ahana Alam: An outspoken, unapologetic storyteller

    From a young age, Pracheta Ahana Alam was inspired to dream bigger, think of new possibilities and fight harder against self-doubt. In an intimate conversation, she share the stories of her life.
  • How did the art world adapt to Covid-19?

    The coronavirus outbreak has brought the activities of art galleries and event spaces to an abrupt halt.
  • ‘Bolte Pari Na Bolte Chai’, a supportive space for a heart-to-heart

    To this day, mental health remains one of the most neglected subjects in developing countries like Bangladesh. Despite the sheer number of people living with traumatic experiences and mental health issues,
  • Curtains rising, cautiously

    As I was walking into Prachyanat’s practice space, with my mask and gloves on, some familiar voices called out my name. For the next few minutes, it felt like I was back to my old theatre-going self.