The Problem with YouTube Fitness

YouTube is usually a good resource for learning about fitness. There is an abundance of channels that post exercise tutorials, explain various fitness-related concepts and offer useful tips and strategies. So naturally, a lot of people turn to YouTube for guidance, especially when they’re just starting out.


Street vendors are a defining part of Dhaka. And in these roadside businesses, the cheap clothing industry is booming. It’s a shopper’s dream; you can find almost every possible clothing item at shockingly affordable rates.

Arguments You Shouldn’t Try to Win

Opinions differ from person to person. Being the narcissists we are, we just love trying to prove that ours is right, by throwing around facts and sarcastic remarks.

Interview with a Motivational Influencer

Everyone is chasing success, and success comes from hard work. But where does hard work come from? It comes from a tingling internal feeling called motivation.

The Cricket Critique

The countries of the Indian subcontinent live and breathe cricket. The extent to which we, the cricket fans of this region will go to show our love for the sport doesn’t know any bounds.

Sneakers That Don’t Go Out of Style

Sneakers are a staple for men’s casual footwear, serving the need for both comfort and fashion. When it comes to sneakers, the immense variety the market has to offer makes it easy to get something that fits your particular taste and style. At the same time, it can be daunting

The importance of having soft skills in early career

The types of skillsets mentioned here serve to accomplish the same goal. But as you can already tell, they are vastly different. Not only do these differ in nature, but they're also different in the methods that are used to develop them.

Go bananas over bananas

The banana is a simple yet delicious fruit. But there is far more to it than meets the eye, or tongue. Bananas come with numerous benefits and traits that you might not take notice of at first. But upon further reflection, the wonders of this delightfully succulent fruit start to unveil. Here are all the reasons that make bananas the king of all food.

Everything wrong with music elitism

Music elitism is basically the practice of viewing all forms of music that doesn't match one's taste as inferior and having a negative judgmental attitude towards people who are into the kind of music one doesn't like.


The story starts in 2004. A group of eight Bangladeshis who shared a passion for rap music came together and formed a hip-hop crew. They called themselves “Stoic Bliss”.

Unpopular Sports and Where to Play Them

The sports scene of the country is dominated by the big two – cricket and football. Occasionally you'll have basketball, handball, and volleyball practices at a select few educational institutes.

The greatest English spy is back, again

The third instalment of the Johnny English series, starring Rowan Atkinson who we all know and love from “Mr. Bean” was released on October 5, 2018 in the UK.

Time Hacks - The 4-Hour Work Week Review

Everyone wants to make more money. While there are a lot of ways to earn money, one thing is for sure: You have to invest time. Time is a fleeting resource and most people feel that their time is the biggest thing they are losing in their quest for money.

Types of UNO Players

UNO is a classic card game. You can play it almost anywhere, have a good time with your friends and lose a few of them in the process, courtesy of the notorious “Draw 4 Cards” card.

Why you shouldn't be a people pleaser

We've been taught to always be polite, be nice, to always put on a smile and help other people. And that is by all means, a good thing. But sometimes, we end up saying yes to things we don't want to, letting someone get away with a wrongdoing, doing favours for someone while sacrificing important ordeals of our own. This is called people pleasing.

If I win the lottery

Pretty much almost all of us have speculated what we'll do if we win the lottery, and it's also a classic topic for our early school life essays. Here, you'll have an honest essay-ish feel of what I'll actually do if I win the lottery, as a generic somewhat privileged Bangladeshi male.

Fishing: it's kinda possible here

Fishing, or the more appropriate term “Angling” is a very interesting pastime. It's something we all know about, but very few of us have actually tried. I got to experience my first fishing session almost three years back at a lonely pond with my uncle. Since then, I've always held a particular fascination about this activity. If you're interested to try out fishing for the very first time, here's a list of guidelines and tips to give you a positive experience.

Nuts the superfood

If I had to pick an all-around superfood, it would definitely be nuts. Small, simple and yet, they hold such edible greatness. Let's take a

Pros and cons of having a small extended family

Most people have a large extended family that stretches beyond to some relationships that you probably didn't know existed. This wasn't the case for me, as my extended family is quite small. So let's take a look at all the blessings and curses it brings.

Struggles of a Male Non-Gamer

Video games are an integral part of the life of an average urban young male. Starting from trips to the local games store to purchase CDs of classic games such as Need For Speed, Call of Duty, Grand Theft

Things you look forward to at the start of each year

Another year has begun and it’s quickly passing which means all the annual events you love are going to come up very soon. It’s exciting to think about all the new stories and adventures that await you.

Stages of Eating Naga Burgers

Gourmet burgers are at the height of their popularity, with multiple food chains competing among themselves to attract you with new