Muhammad Ismail Hossain

Behaviour change during Covid-19: Could social marketing do it differently?

Human behaviour is complex, dynamic, unpredictable and it has both positive and negative impact on individual, community and environment. In this pandemic, WHO prescribed certain individual behaviour change like washing hands, wearing mask, maintaining health etiquette and keeping social distance to prevent the spread of Covid-19 thereby positively impact the lives of individual, community and environment.

Time to formalise informal e-waste management in Bangladesh

With 4-5 percent annual growth, the global electrical and electronic waste (e-waste) reached up to 44.7 million tonnes in 2016, of which 20 percent, or 8.9 million tonnes, is documented to be collected and recycled properly.

Transforming ride-sharing into sustainable business

The concept of demand responsive transportation (DRT) services, commonly known as ride-sharing services, is comparatively new in Bangladesh. Although traditional forms of on-demand transportation system were always available in several forms like car or truck rental, Bangladesh didn’t see ride-sharing services driven entirely by technology till 2016. By now, a few local and foreign ride-hailing services providers, namely Uber, Pathao, Shohoz Rides, Obhai, and PickMe are operating in Dhaka and Chittagong city.

Are we ready to compete with global e-commerce giants?

The size of the e-commerce market in Bangladesh crossed the Tk 1,700-crore mark in 2017, which is not surprising due to the rapid changes of consumer behaviour facilitated by the growing adoption of internet, smartphones and handheld devices.