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  • Mohammed Parvez Imdad

    Dr Mohammed Parvez Imdad, PhD, is a Visiting Professor and Lead Economist based in Manila, Philippines. Email:

  • UN needs a paradigm shift to lead us out of the crisis

    The first Secretary-General of the United Nations, Trygve Lie, remarked in 1948, “The United Nations may need to adjust to new realities and respond to unforeseen circumstances that the world is not aware of today—and thus it has to demonstrate its relevance to withstand the test of time.”
  • A wake-up call or missed call?

    We are passing through critical times. The world has never seen such gloom and uncertainty since the World War II.
  • Asean Summit and the Rohingya issue

    This year's Asean Summit ended on November 15 with the commitment to forge cooperation for peace, security and development. Asean and other world leaders attending the summit also pledged to boost business, investment and trade.