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  • Ghulam Sumdany Don

    Professional corporate trainer and Chief Inspirational Officer at Don Sumdany Facilitation & Consultancy

  • Life Lessons Only Books Can Teach You

    Books are a man's best friend. What your surroundings can't teach you, the pages of a book will. But unfortunately, many of us are losing the great habit of reading books.
  • Don't ever choose your career for these reasons

    “How to choose my career?” This is one question that I get asked a lot by many of my young participants who come to my training sessions.
  • Dos and Don'ts of Building a New Habit

    Humans are controlled by habit. It can be good or bad, but our habits shape our lifestyle. While some of us are blessed with a strong willpower, able to make or break a habit easily, many of us struggle with it.
  • Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Work

    As the new year has been welcomed, the most common thing many of us did is setting up New Year's resolutions. As much as we love to have a target set for the coming year
  • Lessons I learnt from travelling

    Travelling is the best therapy of all. Travelling has taught me more than any classroom ever has. It has shown me the practical implications of life. It has taught me to respect everyone's views. So let's explore a few lessons that I have learnt throughout the years of travelling.