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  • Fakrul Alam

    Fakrul Alam is a Bangladeshi academic, writer, and translator.

  • The Literary Club of 18th-Century London

    We Bengalis think that no one can match us for our addas. If you were growing up in Dhaka in the 1950s or the 1960s and happened
  • Learning from Bangabandhu's Writings

    Translating Bangabandhu's unpublished works has allowed me to see how and why Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, a boy from a small, and in those days relatively remote rural community of East Bengal, became the father of our nation.
  • Poetry

    There is sorrow—death too—separation's pangs scald as well—
  • A Short, Winding and Legendary Dhaka Road

    Fuller Road, the short and winding road in the middle of the University of Dhaka campus, is quite legendary, not only as far as the
  • Folk Hero Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

    The process through which Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (1920-1975) became a folk hero in Bangladesh, that is to say, the way in which his