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  • Fakrul Alam

    Fakrul Alam is a Bangladeshi academic, writer, and translator.

  • Karl Marx on India: An Assessment (Part II)

    Marx correlates the decrease of Indian textile exports with the monopoly exerted by British muslins to India and the decimation of the population of Dhaka. To quote what he says about the impact of colonization on our city and the outcome of the fatal embrace of British colonial policy in our part of India:
  • Karl Marx on India: An Assessment (Part I)

    In a Delhi bookshop this October, I came across Karl Marx on India. Edited by Iqbal Husain, former Professor of History at Aligarh
  • The Literary Club of 18th-Century London

    We Bengalis think that no one can match us for our addas. If you were growing up in Dhaka in the 1950s or the 1960s and happened
  • Learning from Bangabandhu's Writings

    Translating Bangabandhu's unpublished works has allowed me to see how and why Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, a boy from a small, and in those days relatively remote rural community of East Bengal, became the father of our nation.
  • Poetry

    There is sorrow—death too—separation's pangs scald as well—