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  • Fakrul Alam

    Fakrul Alam is a Bangladeshi academic, writer, and translator.

  • Poetry of Nirmalendu Goon

    How Freedom Became Our Own Word
  • The road to DU’s opening day

    In these pandemic-plagued times, ceremonies commemorating the beginning of the celebrations of the University of Dhaka (or DU) that were to culminate in July 1, 2021 have been scaled down drastically; the chances of alumni and well-wishers of university students and faculty members thronging the campus on July 1, 2020 to inaugurate the year-long events have all but gone.
  • Rest in Peace, Dear Aniusuzzaman Sir

    It was probably on a day in the second week of March that I last saw and heard professor Anisuzzaman—our Anisuzzaman sir—speak publicly.
  • Friends Forever in a Happening Place!

    There were six of us, bosom buddies who had studied together in the same school and college, friends for years—“good” boys. And there were the same number of them, if not more, from the same Dhaka school and college—“nice” girls.
  • London’s 17th-century plague and our global pandemic

    Art has always been both a mirror of and a balm for human experience through disaster. In this short series, an author of Daily Star Books—our book publishing imprint—will periodically explore a facet of this link between literature and our ongoing battle with Covid-19.