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  • Blazing the trail for women’s football

    “I have no room to sleep, and it’s impossible to sleep if it rains, as the rain drops find their way onto my bed, said 16-year-old Unnati Khatun, and famous female footballer native to Jhenidah.
  • Riding the Begboti wave to the top

    “It is from small streams that big rivers rise.” Similar to the sentiment in Canadian writer Matshona Dhliwayo’s words, Sohagi Khatun, Mukti Khatun, Mehnaz Khatun, Antara Khatun and Hossain Mondol completed an inspiring journey from a remote village swimming club in Jhenidah on the shores of Begboti River to the top levels and top sports institution.
  • Jute shoes for export put rural women on easy street

    Sincerity mixed with hard work can lead any man to success and the same can be said for the fairer sex as about 400 women are now earning a living by making jute shoes and slippers that are exported to various destinations.
  • Carrom trade changes his lot amid pandemic

    A carrom factory owner in Jhenidah is earning good profit by making boards amid coronavirus situation as the game of carrom has become very popular in the district during the current ongoing pandemic situation.
  • When 79 years is not enough

    How long does it take to solve a trivial problem at a school where hundreds of youngsters take their first lessons to be good human beings and responsible citizens of the country?