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  • Jhenaidah man donates life savings to help people hit hard by Covid-19

    A man in Jhenaidah, who earns a livelihood by driving a human hauler, donates Tk 50,000 which he managed to save all his life to stand beside those who have been hit hard by economic fallout due to coronavirus outbreak.
  • Destruction of Jhenidah town ponds in full swing

    Unplanned urbanisation, absence of civic conscience among townspeople and lack of garbage management services are contributing to destruction of various waterbodies including ponds in Jhenidah town.
  • Decorating lives with Nakshi Kantha

    In the face of extreme poverty after marriage in 2001, Salma Khatun did not just sit back. Capitalising on her drawing skills, she started making Nakshi Kantha, hand-crafted traditional embroidered quilt, for a living.
  • All-season onion bears bright prospect

    The Regional Spices Research Centre in Magura has recently distributed among farmers 300 kg of seeds of newly developed Bari-5 variety of onion that can be grown all the year round.
  • Cassia-leaf farming gaining popularity

    Commercial cultivation of cassia-leaf, locally called tejpata, is gaining popularity day by day in Jhenidah’s Kaliganj upazila as the item gives good profit compared to other crops.