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  • Physically challenged kids' school now faces challenge

    Harinakundo Protibandhi Bidyalay, a school for the children with disabilities in Harinakundo upazila, is in a dilapidated condition for want of government support, much to the sufferings of the challenged kids as well as the teachers and employees of the institution.
  • KP Basu's palatial buildings decaying

    The impressive house of famous mathematician Kalipada Basu (well-known as KP Basu), who made considerable contribution to the development of algebra in the late 1800s, is heading towards virtual ruination due to lack of proper maintenance.
  • Mushrooms uplifting a community

    Farming was not his calling; he actually had stumbled across the idea. And years later, the cool and collected Babul Aktar mastered the art of mushroom farming, which is quite a difficult work.
  • Haridhan farming on the decline

    Cultivation of Haridhan, discovered by Haripada Kapali in 2006, has decreased in six upazilas due to scanty rainfall.
  • Jhenidah's jewellery town

    Costume jewellery makers in Jhenidah meet a significant demand of affordable fashion pieces. The factories employ thousands of artisans.