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  • Aysha Zaheen

  • Art and Its Essentiality

    All we talk about is how art is not a solemn necessity, thus, not the best medium to earn money. Let's put that thought aside for a while and consider something else, the sheer effort behind it.
  • Emerging toxicity in social media

    The validation that we crave has led to this amassed entitlement, always evident but never as valid as now. Meaningless verbal altercations and fear mongering for personal amusement took up the newsfeeds. Generalised jokes became personal, vicious jabs that targeted demographics at once.
  • War and Peace

    Books you can finally read (and finish)

    Quarantining can be difficult for many of us. However, it provides the perfect opportunity to get started on that TBR list. The indefinite time we are spending indoors surely gives us the incentive to pick up those long novels that we shied away from all this time.
  • Poor Little Smart Boy

    His smile itself is an enchantress, his eyes two deep pools of the darkest coffee you make in December, amidst deadlines and impending vacations. “Two more days,” you tell yourself in your head, “This all will be over and I’ll get to relax.”

    They say my new friend isn’t really my friend. I don’t believe them. My friend has been a better friend to me than anyone else has even managed.