Aryah Jamil

A guide to building a bouquet

A bouquet is so much more than a bunch of flowers tied together with plastic and ribbons.

Arctic Monkeys stay true to themselves with The Car

The album flows smoothly in a relaxed way without lacking intensity.

The real cost of perfect teeth

Something as trivial as teeth often impact important aspects of one’s life.

In the age of social media, do you still care about the world?

As the frequency of sharing graphic multimedia increases, we become desensitised and accept it as the norm.

The 1975 has struck gold with their new album “Being Funny in A Foreign Language”

Being Funny in a Foreign Language is classically The 1975.

72 Hours of Accountability

This statement sparked outrage as many took to the streets in protest.

How Hollywood is failing “feminine” female characters

Hollywood continues to degrade "feminine" female bodies.

Finding intimacy through introspection with Clairo’s Sling

23-year-old American singer-songwriter Claire Cottrill, professionally known as Clairo, has returned with her sophomore album Sling. The album was co-produced by Jack Antonoff, who has worked with the likes of Taylor Swift and Lorde. Ever-

A Guide to Apologising on the Internet

Collect sympathy points at every possible opportunity.

The Generation That Never Sleeps, and Why

The early bird gets the worm. Work the longest hours and the hardest and you’re bound to succeed. We’ve all heard these things from the generations preceding us, or at least seen posts about “grinding 25/8” on social media platforms.

Why Do YouTubers Stop Making Videos?

From uploading videos every week, they slowly fade until they upload once a few months.


Not even the asters accepting your gaze.

Willow’s “lately I feel EVERYTHING” Is a Manic Masterpiece

Listening to this album is a dangerous thing.

Why Federer Will Continue to Dominate Grass Courts

With the 2021 Wimbledon championships reaching its climax, all eyes are on Roger Federer.

How to Start a Youth Organisation

Listen, we’re all on the same boat here.