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  • Arun Bikash Dey

  • From Chattogram with love

    What started as an initiative to instill the spirit of Liberation War among youths around 30 years ago in Chattogram, has transcended the boundaries of the city and become a compulsory event throughout the country during the month of victory.
  • Max Hospital sued for ‘wrong treatment’ again

    Within a span of weeks, a second allegation of “death from wrong treatment” has been raised against Max Hospital in Chattogram, with a case filed this time by the aggrieved.
  • The First Court of Ctg: Historic site left in ruins

    It’s built quite strategically -- on a hilltop -- so that someone approaching could be identified clearly from the structure’s two towers.
  • Vegetable prices still not reflecting season

    Winter is widely held as the season for vegetables. As supply of vegetables floods kitchen markets, prices come down drastically. But this year, the economics is yet to work out in Chattogram.
  • A first-time experience for many Ctg residents

    It is not that open-market sales (OMS) of essentials at lower than market prices are unforeseen in the port city. Trucks of Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) often sell rice, lentils and other daily groceries at various points of the city. However, there has been a marked difference in their latest stint of sales than previous times.