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  • Arun Bikash Dey

  • ‘Same old story every year’

    Incessant rain brought sufferings to port city residents, as many areas went under water.
  • Nasir or a new face?

    The tenure of the incumbent council of Chattogram City Corporation will expire on August 5 and the government is going to employ an administrator to run the CCC during the interim period until an election is held to elect a new body.
  • Plight of non-coronavirus patients escalate in Ctg

    With most doctors not attending chambers for over three months, patients in Chattogram are being compelled to seek health-related suggestions from staff members at various dispensaries, leading to irrational use of antibiotics which can have adverse health impacts in the long run.
  • Steadfast to his oath

    Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been countless incidents across the country of medical services becoming scarce, from overwhelmed hospitals to shut-down private practices. And yet, there were hundreds of doctors and staff who remained resolute to their oath of serving patients.
  • Concern over misleading Covid-19 test reports in Ctg private labs

    People in Chattogram are concerned after instances of misleading Covid-19 test reports from private labs emerge there, while an expert says there is a lack of trained manpower in the private labs in port city.