Ali Sakhi Khan | The Daily Star
  • Ali Sakhi Khan

  • Glamour fest in Dhaka

    Three evenings of glamour, oomph and panache; the best of the best amongst our local designers, participants from various Asian countries; and some of the most promising new faces on the scene right at this moment—made up the razzle-dazzle that set the TRESemmé Bangladesh Fashion Week 2019 apart.
  • Excellence at your feet

    Such is the beauty of bespoke shoes; your imagination is at your footsteps. Craftsman Fashion has specialised in the art of bespoke shoe making, giving a regal finish with a long-lasting build. Their timeless craftsmanship, quality leather and of course, their comfort feel are the epitome of sheer brilliance and taste of the workers.
  • Season Twelve

    This winter, Twelve brings a line of winter-wear, concocted with the glitz and glam of this happening season packed with parties, get-togethers, and of course, weddings.
  • Nocturnal Dhaka

    Clubs teeming with vibrant crowds serenading at the top of their voices to the DJ's score, people blissfully dancing the night away to the rhythm of the music, rooms bursting into ecstasy with a hoard of red, blue, green, violet neon lights shooting out from all corners of the room — hard to imagine such a scene in Dhaka, is it not?
  • The suit spectrum

    It's winter, and you know what that means; your newsfeed drowning in pictures of men in suits, posing with a faraway or brooding look, away from the camera's eyes, and standing at one corner of the stage right underneath a spotlight. They have manoeuvred their heads to the side as they try to button their suit's jacket, followed with a heavy caption by some poor philosopher who had nothing to do with either the newly wedded couple or the person in the picture, or even this era.