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  • Ali Sakhi Khan

  • The Body Shop in Bangladesh? Yes Please!

    The brand that revolutionised the cosmetics industry by pioneering the ban on animal testing, and known across the globe as the ethical cosmetic brand, has launched its first ever Bangladeshi store in Jamuna Future Park in partnership with Quest Holdings Bangladesh Ltd.
  • The Essence of Dhaka's Night Life at Deck 41

    Nestled in the heart of Gulshan, Amari's Deck 41 lights up the night with jubilance. With a clear view of the city, the distant buzz of traffic and the lovely breeze by the lake, your mind will sway to the music of the night, which gets younger by the minute.
  • Chef in The Lobby

    Chef Jed Archdeacon sips on his warm cup of Espresso as he goes through his recent concoctions one by one. He digs deep into the essence of each dish with immense zeal and zest.
  • Functionality Meets Style at MIB

    MIB – Made in Bangladesh has been the architect of functional smart bags in the country. Inspired from the spirit of 1971, all of their eco-friendly and upcycled carriers are crafted with thought; perfect, with pride and style.
  • Bye-Bye Crease

    The other day, I found myself in an unprecedented situation. I was being ogled at everywhere I set foot, be it on the streets, the mall, canteen, or even when I was presenting a paper on “16S r-RNA DNA Sequencing of Bacteria,” nobody could take their eyes off me... What a fantastic day it was; it tickled my ego!