Ahmed A Azad | The Daily Star
  • Ahmed A Azad

    The writer is a retired professor of medical biotechnology who devotes his time (pro bono) to research capacity development in Bangladesh and establishment of collaborative networks of scientists of Bangladeshi origin.

  • Spend more on the scholars

    In the 2016 budget, the Bangladesh government made the highest ever allocation to the education and science sector.
  • Fighting an ideological battle

    The Gulshan attack of July 1 was meant to strike terror in the hearts of foreigners and women who, according to the terrorists do not conform to their ideals.
  • Invest in intellectual excellence

    Intellectual capital should be the corner stone for the socio-economic development of Bangladesh, and the biggest investment that Bangladesh can make in its own future would be to develop excellence in higher education underpinned by a strong science and technology base.
  • The question of status over academic excellence

    Showing disrespect and indifference to teachers and professionals is certainly not the way to go about building a knowledge-based economy. The proposed increase in salaries is not any special favour being bestowed on teachers, as their emoluments are still far below those of their counterparts in neighbouring countries.