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  • SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket

    2 sportscar-sized satellites in orbit to measure Earth's water

    A SpaceX rocket blasts off a duo of sports car-sized satellites built by the US and Germany to reveal changes in sea level rise, ice melt and drought on Earth.

  • First woman CIA director sworn in

    Veteran CIA officer Gina Haspel was sworn in as the agency's first female director Monday. The 61-year-old Haspel, who spent her career

  • Maduro expels US charge d'affaires

    President Nicolas Maduro yesterday ordered the expulsion of the chief US diplomatic representative in Venezuela, rejecting economic

  • Christine Schraner

    New UN special envoy may visit Myanmar in June

    Newly appointed United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) for Myanmar Christine Schraner might visit the country in June.

  • US President Donald Trump

    Trump urges China to clamp down on North Korea border

    US President Donald Trump on Monday urges China to maintain tight control of its border with North Korea until he signs a denuclearization deal with Kim Jong Un.

  • US President Donald Trump

    Trump, Moon discuss NKorea's threat to scrap summit

    US President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Sunday discuss North Korea's recent threats to cancel its unprecedented summit with Washington, Seoul's presidential office says.

  • Texas school shooting kills at least 8

    At least eight people were killed when a student opened fire at his Texas high school yesterday, as President Donald Trump expressed "heartbreak" over the latest deadly school shooting in the United States.

  • 'With friends like Trump, who needs enemies'

    The European Union's top official yesterday launched a stinging attack on President Donald Trump, slamming his "capricious assertiveness" and saying the US leader acted more like an enemy than a friend.

  • 'Still no collusion'

    Donald Trump yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into ties between the president's campaign team and Russia with a trademark tweet, reiterating "there is still No Collusion."

  • Oddly Enough

    US President Donald Trump described some migrants as "animals" Wednesday, in a charged discussion about the border wall and law

  • South offers to mediate

    South Korea said yesterday that it intended to mediate talks after North Korea threatened to pull out of a summit with the United States aimed at the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula, reported Reuters. The announcement was made by Seoul's National Security Council, according to AP.

  • Kim Jong Un shakes hands with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

    ‘US demanded NKorea ship some nuclear warheads, ICBM abroad’

    The United States demands North Korea ship some nuclear warheads, an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and other nuclear material overseas within six months, the Asahi newspaper says on Thursday, citing several sources familiar with North Korean issues.

  • AG600 world's largest amphibious aircraft

    'China to deliver world's largest amphibious aircraft by 2022'

    China expects to deliver its domestically developed AG600, the world's largest amphibious aircraft, to customers by 2022, the state-run Xinhua news agency reports citing the plane's manufacturer.

  • North Korea

    NKorea to destroy nuclear site ahead of US summit

    North Korea to destroy its nuclear test site later this month, ahead of a summit with the United States, it says Saturday, pledging to blow up its tunnels in front of invited foreign media.

  • Bangabandhu-1

    Bangabandhu-1 on its way to orbit

    The nation's dream satellite, Bangabandhu-1, is now on its way to orbit after its perfect and successful launching, making Bangladesh's debut in the global space society.

  • EU can't save Iran deal

    European countries are powerless to salvage the nuclear deal with Iran after the United States pulled out, the deputy head of the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) said yesterday.

  • Trump welcomes back Americans freed by N Korea

    A plane carrying three Americans released by North Korea landed at a military base bear Washington early today to be welcomed by US President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania.

  • Obama calls Trump’s decision to leave Iran deal a ‘serious mistake’

    Former President Barack Obama calls President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran deal a “serious mistake” that will erode America’s global credibility.

  • Obama Calls Trump’s Decision To Leave Iran Deal A ‘Serious Mistake’

    Former President Barack Obama calls President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran deal a “serious mistake” that will erode America’s global credibility.

  • Bangladesh’s flagship venture Bangabandhu-1 satellite

    US invites visitors for Bangabandhu-1 launch

    Kennedy Space Centre has invited visitors to witness the launching of Bangabandhu-1, Bangladesh’s first commercial satellite, at its visitor complex tomorrow.

  • Trump will not attend

    President Donald Trump will not travel to Israel next week for the opening of the new US embassy in Jerusalem, the White House said

  • US exit from Iran nuclear deal: WORLD REACTION

    Iran: President Hassan Rouhani said Trump's decision to pull out of the nuclear deal is an act of "psychological warfare" against Iran.

  • NY attorney general resigns over sex scam

    New York state's top prosecutor, a public champion of the #MeToo movement, resigned on Monday hours after being accused by The

  • Fresh US sanctions hit Venezuela

    US Vice President Mike Pence on Monday urged Venezuela to suspend a divisive May 20 election he denounced as a "sham," as

  • Report on women abuse: NY state attorney general resigns

    New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigns on Monday after allegations of physical abuse by four women are reported in an article in the New Yorker magazine.

  • US revives its Second Fleet

    The United States Navy is re-establishing its Second Fleet, responsible for the northern Atlantic Ocean, nearly seven years after it was disbanded as the Pentagon puts countering Russia at the heart of its military strategy.

  • US not seeking to reduce forces in South Korea

    US President Donald Trump has not asked the Pentagon for options to reduce US forces based in South Korea, US National Security Adviser John Bolton said in a statement yesterday.

  • Avoid same protectionist mistakes of the 1930s

    More than 1,100 US economists signed a letter sent to President Donald Trump and to Congress on Thursday urging them to avoid repeating the mistakes that worsened the Depression in the 1930s.

  • Trump to talk to Mueller if treated 'fairly'

    US President Donald Trump yesterday shifted his position over possible talks with US Special Counsel Robert Mueller, saying his lawyers have advised him against any talks but that he would submit to questioning if it was "fair."

  • China installs cruise missiles on outposts

    China has installed anti-ship cruise missiles and surface-to-air missile systems on three of its outposts in the South China Sea, US news network CNBC reported on Wednesday, citing sources with direct knowledge of US intelligence reports.