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  • New bombshell revives debate on Trump fitness for office

    Donald Trump faces a new challenge to his authority after US media reported that his deputy attorney general had discussed ways to force him from office on grounds of incompetence, just months into his presidency.

  • Kim seeks 2nd Trump meet

    Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in visited the spiritual birthplace of the Korean nation yesterday for a show of unity after their North-South summit gave new momentum to Pyongyang's negotiations with Washington.

  • Terror attacks down but global threat more 'complex'

    The near-defeat of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has forced a dispersal of the group that has made the global threat of terror attacks much more complex, the US State Department said in a report Wednesday.

  • Facebook building a 'war room'

    Facebook on Wednesday said it will have a "war room" up and running on its Silicon Valley campus to quickly repel efforts to use the social network to meddle in upcoming elections.

  • Trump pushes Supreme Court pick's sex accuser to testify

    President Donald Trump piles pressure on the woman accusing his Supreme Court pick of sexual assault by insisting that she testify next week if she wants to be heard.

  • Aibo, the AI-powered pooch you'll forget is a robot

    Sony's intelligent robot dog bonds with and recognises owners just like a real one-you may not even notice the difference between this him and the neighborhood happy hound -- and he has just arrived in the US.

  • Kavanaugh accuser wants FBI investigation before she will testify

    A woman who has accused President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, of sexual assault decades ago wants her allegations to be investigated by the FBI before she appears at a US Senate hearing, her lawyers say.

  • US to take in 30,000 refugee in 2019

    The Trump administration slashed its annual cap on refugee acceptances Monday for the second year in a row, saying it would take a

  • Philippines storm toll climbs to 74

    The death toll in Typhoon Mangkhut hit 74 yesterday, Philippine authorities said, as rescuers used their bare hands to sift through a massive landslide in which dozens were feared killed in the worst-hit region.

  • Stormy Daniels' book on Trump: Details and claims of cheating

    In a tell-all memoir, the pornographic actor Stormy Daniels details salacious descriptions of her time with Donald Trump, wonders if he is fit to be president and claims he offered to cheat for her in his reality TV show, reports The Guardian.

  • Bangladeshi scientist Zahid Hasan

    Bangladeshi scientist leads discovery of novel quantum state of matter

    A Bangladeshi physicist of Princeton University has led an international research team in discovering a novel quantum state of matter that can be 'tuned' at will - and it's 10 times more tunable than existing theories can explain.

  • Ford Mustang

    Children buy back car dad sold to pay mom’s cancer treatment 17yrs ago

    Two siblings decided to give their father the surprise of his lifetime when they bought back the beloved Ford Mustang he sold over 17 years ago to pay for his wife’s mounting cancer bills.

  • Killer storm stalks US

    Catastrophic floods raised the threat of landslides and dam failures across the southeastern United States yesterday, prolonging the agony caused by a killer hurricane that has left more than a dozen people dead and caused billions of dollars in damage.

  • Accuser of US high-court nominee Kavanaugh goes public

    A woman who had anonymously accused President Donald Trump's US Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, of sexual misconduct in the early 1980s goes public.

  • Storm far from over

    A killer storm that left up to 13 people dead weakened to a tropical depression on Sunday, but US authorities warned the devastation it caused -- including catastrophic flooding -- is far from over.

  • Hurricane Florence simulation

    Dramatic weather report

    The Weather Channel is using a new form of reporting with the help of "immersive mixed-reality technology" to keep its viewers updated on tropical storm Florence.

  • UN Peacekeeping

    US wants to toughen UN response to peacekeeper misconduct

    The United States has presented a draft Security Council resolution aimed at toughening the UN response to failures by peacekeepers in their mission to protect civilians, US Ambassador Nikki Haley says.

  • Florence makes landfall

    Hurricane Florence crashed into the Carolinas yesterday, knocking down trees and swamping streets with torrential rains and a powerful storm surge, before slowing to a pace that meant it would plague the area with days of flooding.

  • Aiming for zero

    Zero fossil fuel energy, zero gas-guzzlers on the road, zero waste, zero CO2 emissions -- dozens of cities, regions and companies made "zero" pledges Thursday at a global climate summit in San Francisco.

  • Manafort to plead guilty to conspiracy charges

    US President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was set to plead guilty to two criminal counts as part of a deal with prosecutors yesterday, court documents showed in what could be a blow to Trump in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe of Russian election meddling.

  • Gunman kills 5 in US, then himself

    A man went on a shooting rampage in California on Wednesday, killing five people including his wife, before taking his own life.

  • US braces for Hurricane Florence

    “Life-threatening" Hurricane Florence edged closer to the east coast of the United States yesterday, with tropical-force winds and rain already lashing barrier islands just off the North Carolina mainland.

  • Trump okays sanctions for US polls meddling

    President Donald Trump has signed an executive order allowing punitive sanctions on foreigners who interfere in US elections, two years after Russia allegedly meddled in his favor in the presidential campaign.

  • US moves to ban e-cigarettes

    US regulators said Wednesday they are considering an immediate ban on flavored e-cigarettes, as the Food and Drug Administration chief warned of an "epidemic" of vaping among youths.

  • Apple iPhones get bigger and pricier, watch turns to health

    Apple Inc introduces its largest-ever iPhone and a watch that detects heart problems in an attempt to get customers to upgrade to more expensive devices in the face of stagnant global demand for smartphones.

  • Weary US readies for Hurricane Florence

    People fleeing North and South Carolina clogged coastal highways early yesterday as Hurricane Florence, a monster Category 4 storm,

  • Mattis to visit Macedonia amid concerns of Russia meddling

    US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis announced plans Tuesday to visit Macedonia, ahead of a referendum that could end a years-long spat with Greece over the country's name and pave the way for it to join Nato.

  • US general urges Gulf Arab unity to counter Iran

    US Central Command chief General Joseph Votel yesterday urged feuding Gulf Arab states to put aside their differences and unite against Iranian efforts to "destabilise" the region.

  • Hurricane Florence

    Hurricane Florence: Carolina residents told to 'get out now'

    Highways are clogged with people fleeing North and South Carolina as monstrous Category 4 Hurricane Florence rumbles toward the eastern US as the biggest storm there in decades.

  • US senators for Reuters journos release in Myanmar

    Eleven Republican and Democratic US senators urge President Donald Trump's administration to "use all tools at your disposal," including imposing more economic sanctions, to ensure "the immediate, unconditional" release of two Reuters journalists imprisoned in Myanmar.