Sundarban-10, most luxurious launch of Bangladesh

It is a 300-foot by 50-foot three-storey behemoth with a lift and a coronary care unit (CCU).

Yes, we are talking about the biggest and most luxurious launch on Dhaka-Barisal route in Bangladesh -- the Sundarban 10.

The Sundarban-10 launch service, which was opened to public on June 25, instantly became popular among the people who wanted to make their nine-hour journey luxurious.

Moreover, its CCU can make journey of a critically-ill patient smooth and risk-free.

Run by the Sundarban Navigation Company, this 16,000 sqft launch was built locally with a German engine. It took a whole three years to build it, according to the company.

This launch can accommodate 1,300 passengers and hosts a food court, VIP-duplex business class cabins and is equipped with radar, global positioning system and electro hydraulic system.

The vessel can navigate even through heavy fog, says its owner Saidur Rahaman Rintu.


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