Zahed Khan

Zahed Khan

Journalist and Senior Multi Media Producer.

Breaking stereotypes: a female automobile mechanic

Poverty could not stop Rabeya Sultana Rabbi from becoming an expert automobile mechanic, in a society where women are stereotyped in every aspect of life.

Brikkho Mela sees good response from gardening enthusiasts

The ongoing month-long Brikkho Mela (Tree Fair) in Dhaka is receiving a good response from gardening enthusiasts in the capital.

Love for the Strays

One who has love for the strays never bothers any risk or danger to do something for them.

Buddhist monastery distributes iftar in Ramadan

The Dhammarajika Buddhist Monastery in the capital’s Bashabo Sabujbagh area distributes iftar and drinking-water to poor fasting Muslims.

For the love of strays

During the early hours of an April day, as remnants of a storm from the night before formed into a drizzle, small “meows” could be heard from a fourth-storey sunshade of a building in Khilgaon.

Labu Miah: A master flute maker

Watch the video to know about Labu Miah, a passionate and master flute maker who has been making bamboo flutes with the finest sound quality and perfect tune, which can be compared to any flute instrument of international standard in the world.

Big Bull, Big Price: Tk 28 lakh for ‘Bazarer Raja’

Cattle traders charge high price in the cattle markets of Dhaka ahead of the Eid-ul-Azha, while supply of cattle is still moderate.

Celebrating Yoga

The 4th International Day of Yoga is celebrated in Dhaka, Rajshahi, and Chittagong cities of Bangladesh. The High Commission of India in Dhaka and Assistant High Commissions of India in Rajshahi and Chittagong organised events to observe the day.

Italian Pizza Baked Bangla Style

Believe it or not, a street restaurant is making pizza using Bangla-styled wood-fired stove in Paribagh of Dhaka.

Kadaknath: The chicken with healing powers

Black meat chicken popularly known as Kadaknath of India is now a new addition in Bangladesh’s livestock collection. Kadaknath is a native bird of Madhya Pradesh in India, which is popular for its black color. Kadaknath’s eggs and meat are very nutritious with high medicinal values. The meat of Kadaknath is low in cholesterol, and contains many vitamins. To know more about Kadaknath and other unusual poultry, watch our Star Live video.

Ray of hope for conjoined twins

Rokeya and Rabeya were not born normal to Pabna’s primary school-teaching couple Rafiqul Islam and Taslima. They were joined at the head since birth.

Tokai Natya Dal: A window of dreams for street children

Television and theatre artist Saju Mahadi trains under privileged children to give them hope to establish in performing arts. Watch the video to know more.

Guitar Healer Rafiq

In Dhaka, who do you turn to if your favourite guitar or keyboard is no longer as good as it used to be? Watch the video to know more.

Ever seen an unscathed public bus in Dhaka?

There are almost 4,500 public buses plying in Dhaka city, taking its millions of commuters across one end of the capital to the other every day and night. But come to think of it, have you ever seen an unscathed public bus in Dhaka?

Chalachitro Shilpi Samiti leaders explain ban on Shakib Khan

In this latest episode of ‘Uncensored with Rafi Hossain!’ celebrities Zayed Khan, Popy and Symon Sadik sit with The Daily Star for an exclusive interview.

K-pop fest heats up Dhaka

The popular K-Pop World Festival, a yearly international event and contest, takes place for the third time in Dhaka at the Shilpakala Academy, demonstrating that it is quite popular among Dhaka’s youths.

Abandoned baby Anisha sees light of humanity

Remember Anisha, the two to three days’ old baby recovered from a dustbin in Dhaka last month? What grave mistake could she have made in such short life to deserve the punishment that shatters our faith in humanity and makes us question the sanctity of the parent-child bond?

Journalist living on minimum wage in Bangladesh

So you think you can live a day with the money a junior garments worker earns?

Uttara Apartment Project: Central LPG line for users?

The Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk) looks to hand over 840 apartments in 10 buildings of its Uttara apartment project to buyers from April.

Tale of 1971 Indian war veterans

A delegation of 28 Indian War Veterans and four serving officers arrived Dhaka on a five day visit on December 14, 2016. In this video they shared their stories of those days.

Pigeon lovers of Dhaka

Who would pay one lakh taka for a pair of exotic and rare pigeons? You may find it unbelievable, but there are some pigeon

Garo rock concert

Early October, a different type of rock concert took place in National Public Auditorium in Agargaon, Dhaka where almost a dozen rock groups of Bangladesh’s indigenous community performed tens of songs in four languages -- Garo, Chakma, Bangla and English. Watch the video to get a glimpse of the concert.

[WATCH] Village that makes Bangladeshi imitation jewellery

If you are buying an imitation jewellery from anywhere in Bangladesh, it’s most likely to have been made in a small village named Bhakurta in Savar.

Sundarban-10, most luxurious launch of Bangladesh

It is a 300-foot by 50-foot three-storey behemoth with a lift and a coronary care unit (CCU). Yes, we are talking about none other than the biggest and most luxurious launch on Dhaka-Barisal route in Bangladesh -- the Sundarban 10.

Only a few community rickshaws in Gulshan-Banani

Dhaka North City Corporation introduces ‘community rickshaw’ services aiming much publicity, however only a few were seen plying on the streets of Niketon area today.

Tk 30 per day hotel rent? Welcome to floating hotels of Dhaka

Is it possible to stay in a hotel in Dhaka for one night for just 30 taka? You may think it’s impossible, but there are at least four hotels in the city that offers you such a low rate.

Tisha, Arifin talk about film Ostitto

Popular stars Arifin Shuvoo and Nusrat Imrose Tisha join hands for the first time as a romantic couple in Ostitto, a film that would hit the theatres across the country on Friday.

VLCC’s Vandana talks about men-women grooming

Founder of VLCC Health Care Ltd Vandana Luthra recently visits Dhaka to see her beauty and wellness establishments here.

Colours of Holi in Dhaka

The colourful festival of Holi in Dhaka, takes place across the country as well as at the thousand-year old Dhakeswari Mandir.

Dhaka’s risky streets with kids driving buses, human hauliers

In any country, one has to be an adult to qualify as a driver. But in Bangladesh, one does not have to obey that law to become a driver – and that literally means it is “allowed”.

15 yrs into order, tanners say can’t relocate

Nearly 15 years ago, the High Court had ordered the government to relocate around 200 tanneries from the city’s Hajaribag to save the Buriganga river and the environment.

[WATCH] Free of illegal truck parking, Tejgaon road looks fresh

The congested Tejgaon road now looks fresh after illegal truck parking in the area has been evicted following steps taken by DNCC Mayor Annisul Huq.

[WATCH NOW] The Mother of Churches

Established by the Portuguese in 1677, the Rani Jopmala church, also known as the Mother of Churches, is the oldest intact church in Dhaka.

Swadhin Bangla Betar spirit returns with Bulbul Mahalanobish

Bulbul Mahalanobish is a prominent singer and also a drama artiste at the Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra who once again proves her versatility at the Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre.

Reminiscing Freedom in the Air

Kamal Lohani, the eminent journalist reminisces the Victory Day on December 16, 1971...

Moghbazar flyover ordeal won’t end soon (video)

What began as the construction of a one-of-a-kind elevated expressway in Dhaka two years ago, the Moghbazar flyover has suffered periods of lags in the making. The traffic situation along the construction site that has turned worse is unlikely to get better until the completion of the structure – not before 2017.

Nightmare on Dhaka streets (video)

Kuril flyover is built to reduce traffic congestion in Dhaka city but within about two years, this 3.1 kilometer structure has been severely damaged. Besides, the roads in the capital city have been in a deteriorating state, with numerous potholes, open manholes, and damaged sidewalks.