Kadaknath: The chicken with healing powers

Black meat chicken popularly known as Kadaknath of India is now a new addition in Bangladesh’s livestock collection.

Kadaknath is a native bird of Madhya Pradesh in India, which is popular for its black color.

Kadaknath’s eggs and meat are very nutritious with high medicinal values. The meat of Kadaknath is low in cholesterol, and contains many vitamins.

To know more about Kadaknath and other unusual poultry, watch our Star Live video.


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একদিকে বাজারে দ্রব্যমূল্যের ঊর্ধ্বগতি অন্যদিকে জিডিপির প্রবৃদ্ধি অব্যাহত রাখার চ্যলেঞ্জ।