Buddhist monastery hosts Iftar for the poor (video)

Right here, in the heart of Dhaka city, is a man trying to set an example of how people from diverse cultures can coexist in harmony and how you can love them all.

Meet spiritual leader Ven Suddhananda Mahathero, a Buddhist monk from the Dhammarajika Monastery in capital’s Sabujbagh who says he is always “happy to serve the people”.

He has been showing the generosity that mankind possesses for the last three years – arranging Iftari for the poor fasting Muslims in Ramadan.

Nearly 350 to 400 hundred poor people gather at the monastery everyday where packets of iftar are distributed from 5:00pm.

“We become happy when we can serve people,” Ven Suddhananda Mahathero said.

Though he voiced regret at the ill-treatment and attack on Buddhist communities, he is still determined to show respect to all religions and mankind.

“Actually, we do it from the very perspective of communal harmony and humanity,” said Ven Buddhapriya Mahathero. “We want to help the poor anyhow, and offering Iftari is one of the ways.”

Talking to The Daily Star Online, authorities of the monastery said that they came up with the initiative three years back with financing from a Singaporean businessman Victor Lee.


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