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The Krishnachuras are here, and they are lovely

Red and orange are beckoning hearts at the streets at the eleventh hour of Baishakh, and the Krishnachuras are starting to bloom with all its vigour. It is nearing Jaishtha in Bangla calendar, the second month of summer; and it is now the bloom of spring chooses to unravel itself.

Hasina meets Indian army officer who rescued her family in 1971

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina meets an Indian army officer, who rescued the family members of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in December 1971.

Beat the traffic mess with bike service app

Are you annoyed with fighting for a space in public buses, or fed-up over bargaining with CNG-run auto-rickshaws or cursing your life while sitting in the traffic?

DNCC to start building temporary shops at Gulshan-1 market

Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) will begin setting up 291 temporary shops from tomorrow at the Gulshan-1 DNCC market that was destroyed by fire earlier this month, says its Mayor Annisul Huq.

Facebook buzz: 2 bookworms’ effort to promote reading

Two Dhaka University sophomores have come up with a unique idea to promote the reading habit among their friends in the university. With an arsenal of over two hundred books in collection, they have decided to lend out the books – free of charge – with the lone condition of a promise to return them.

Facebook buzz: Your live video in Victory Day theme

This year, you can live stream on Facebook with a custom frame designed in the theme of Victory Day with the slogan of “Proud to be a Bangladeshi”. The mobile application “Bijoy 71” will help you share Victory Day greetings on Facebook with the green and red Bangladesh theme.

Facebook buzz: Good Samaritans still out there

A woman recovers her bag and all belongings in Dhaka, a day after she lost it, thanks to the generosity of a common Samaritan.

Facebook buzz: ‘Frustrated’ cop damages motorcycles

A traffic policeman has drawn widespread flak in the social media for letting loose his rage and damaging about two dozens of parked motorcycles last Friday.

Where are the 1971 mass graves, killing fields in Dhaka?

Mass graves and killing fields of Liberation War in Dhaka are hard to find now as they are almost lost owing to lack of efforts to preserve these sites where many martyrs were buried or thrown in the marshes, canals and rivers after being killed, or were burnt alive.

Tech school for kids

Back in May, we came across seven steel violins installed on the walls at an art exhibition at the Bengal Art Lounge in Gulshan. These violins would automatically start playing when visitors came close to them.

[WATCH NOW] Tech school for kids

Back in May, we came across seven steel violins installed on the walls at an art exhibition at the Bengal Art Lounge in Gulshan. These violins would automatically start playing themselves when visitors came close to them.

WATCH: Does a cop have enough power to control Dhaka streets?

Does a policeman enjoy enough power to control traffic system in Dhaka?

Midwives making safe deliveries in Sunamganj

In the border district of Sunamganj, 70 babies in every 1,000 used to die at birth just three years ago. The rate was very high compared to the national average child mortality rate of about 43.

Bikers rule footpaths, pedestrians roads (video)

If you are told: Name a city where you can drive or walk as you like, the first answer would be Dhaka! Because people find their own ways to go around the city. Traffic signals change colors—from green to red to green again--but the drivers need not pay any attention to them. But even worst menaces are motorcycles zooming by on the footpaths or people darting through the speeding cars to cross the roads among the already chaotic traffic.

Highway to home: A tale of horror (video)

Eid-ul-Azha is on us and people are leaving Dhaka to spend the holiday with friends and families.The journey home is a joyous occasion where everyone hopes to reach their destination without any glitches, however owing to the road condition a journey becomes a roller coaster ride-not of the pleasant kind but the one that churns your insides and makes you sick.

Super cheap Nike? Get them from secondhand markets! (video)

Second hand shoe markets in Dhaka can provide customers with limited budget an opportunity to buy anything from the foreign Nike to local Apex brands between Tk 500 and Tk 3000—provided they don’t mind wearing second hand stuff.

When wrong is right! (video)

With utter disregard for law and norms, Dhaka University and Jagannath University buses ply on the wrong side of city streets regularly, apparently to avoid traffic.

How are the music shops doing now? (video)

Even a decade ago the music shops were swarming with melody lovers, what has now turned a worn down business struggling to cope with the modern world.

Nilkhet Market: A realm of necessary books (video)

Nilkhet Book Market, consisting of nearly 400 book stalls, is a trustworthy friend for the bookworms, searching for any kinds of book.

Buy your own boat for as low as Tk 3,000 (video)

In monsoon, the Kaikkertek in Sonargaon of Narayanganj plays host to a market of small boats at the banks of Brahmaputra that one can get in as low amount as Tk 3,000.

Visiting a 200yr old haat (video)

Surrounded by colours, drenches in sweat and a buzz all around – part and parcel of what a traditional haat in the villages still look like.

DU dorm in battle with bedbugs!

Ask any residential student of Dhaka University about their most common companion and see what answer you get. "Bedbugs," he will

DU dorm in battle with bedbugs!

Authorities of Dhaka University’s Muktijoddha Ziaur Rahman Hall begin a drive against the most common menace, bedbugs.

Grand Iftar at TSC (video)

Like every other occasion, the Teacher-Student Centre of Dhaka University wears a festive look in an atmosphere of harmony through arranging iftar with their friends during Ramadan.

Buddhist monastery hosts Iftar for the poor (video)

Authorities of Dhammarajika Buddhist Monastery in capital’s Sabujbagh set examples of religious harmony through distributing Iftari among the poor fasting Muslims in Ramadan.

Dhaka mayors vision for clean city by next year (video)

Dhaka city will be cleaned within next year through proper waste management systems, the two newly elected mayors of Dhaka city corporations say.

Bloggers die young (video)

It is hard to believe that a group of writers are in mortal danger in the country now just for expressing their opinions. But that’s the truth.

Plight of Dhaka Gate (video)

Mir Jumla Gate, popularly known as Dhaka Gate, remains uncared for as years pass by. Abandoned, time is eating away the magnificent Mughal architecture now - hiding in plain sight.

Sexual assault: Allegations, authorities' response need probe, says DU VC (video)

The adminstration’s underplaying and protesters’ accusations on sexual assault during Pahela Baishakh celebration should thoroughly be probed, opines Dhaka University Vice-Chancellor Professor AAMS Arefin Siddique.

Sexual assault: BCL’s mysterious silence (Video)

In the wake of mass outrage against sexual assault on women during Pahela Baishakh celebrations on Dhaka University campus, the ruling Awami League’s student wing Bangladesh Chhatra League keeps itself aloof from any protest.