[WATCH] Mom posts video of adorable young couple kiss and giggle

Netizens have gone crazy over a video of an adorable young couple kissing and giggling.

Rebecca Brett from Dunstable in Bedfordshire of England shared this cute video of her little girl Ava kissing a young boy and then both giggling all the way, which already has over 20,000 views in Youtube.

The video was then shared from the Facebook page Pretty 52, and took the social media by a storm as it got an overwhelming 49,877,220 views, 1,158,841 shares, 811,000 likes and 176,000 comments so far.

The little girl’s mother in a comment in Facebook thanked all for their lovely comments, adding that she is overwhelmed by how much support this video has got!

In the video, the adorable young couple wrapped their arms around each other, as if they have learned it from the movies, before they locked lips, and then broke into laughter as they split apart and put their hands to their mouths in shock.

This cute couple will surely cherish their first kiss for days to come.


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