Honda debuts Bangladesh specific Dream 110, celebrates production of 2 lac units

Bangladesh Honda Private Limited (BHL) has rolled out their new Bangladesh specific motorcycle yesterday on the premise of their factory at Abdul Monem Economic Zone, Gazaria, Munshiganj.

Named the Dream 110, the 110cc commuter motorcycle is the first Honda to fall under the BDM or "Bangladesh Domestic Market" category. Mr. Naresh Kumar Rattan, Senior vice president of BHL, stated the Dream 110 is for the mass segment of the Bangladeshi customers who will enjoy daily mobility at an affordable price.

The new motorcycle offers contemporary styling, long bench seat, 180mm high ground clearance, and a fuel-efficient engine capable of 74kmpl in a controlled environment. However, being an entry-level product, it is devoid of advanced features such as disk brakes, LED headlamp, or even an RPM Gauge.

The Company is offering the Dream 110 in colors Red, Black, and Blue. The price is set at BDT. 89,900, making it one of the most affordable motorcycles in this segment.

From left: Himihiko Katsuki, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of BHL and Senior vice president Naresh Kumar Rattan.

In addition to the new motorcycle, BHL has announced its cumulative motorcycle production and sales have reached the 200,000 units milestone. Himihiko Katsuki, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of BHL, said "The cumulative 200,000 units' represents not only a significant milestone for Honda's motorcycle operations in Bangladesh but also shows BHL is moving forward to the promising future.  Adding "Heading towards our next milestone, we will continue to provide excellent products and wonderful services that exceed customer expectations."  

Words, photos and videos: Rahbar Al Haq


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