eCourier launches Insta Pay, on-demand payment service

eCourier Insta Pay

eCourier, an initiative of Dotlines, has recently launched an on-demand instant payment service called Insta Pay. Insta Pay will allow merchants and business to instantly receive their due payment whenever completing a delivery, eliminating the wait time of delayed returns from cash-on-delivery payment methods. 

With the introduction of this new payment system, eCourier hopes to help small to medium sizes merchants with an efficient and fast payment system. According to a press release, Insta Pay provides a technologically automated service that will ensure that the merchants receive their money digitally whenever a delivery is completed anywhere in Bangladesh. Right now, eCourier only supports MFS payment, but they are planning on introducing support for bank accounts soon. 

Since its launch in 2014, eCourier has been providing tech-enabled logistics support to local delivery solutions. The company currently has 10 offices with over 350 employees and 50 channel partners who deliver for more than 25,000 companies and businesses. It provides delivery services such as person-to-person delivery, air parcels with real-time tracking, corporate delivery service for businesses, merchant delivery service for local merchants, line haul for shipment transport, and warehouse service for storing, packaging and delivering secure products.