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    India criminalises 'triple talaq'

    India yesterday prescribed arrests and jail terms for offenders in a campaign to stamp out instant Muslim divorce, or "triple talaq", as Prime Minister Narendra Modi looks to woo women voters of the South Asian nation's minority community.

  • Indian Muslim women body for bill against triple talaq

    As Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government prepares to introduce in parliament a Bill that criminalizes the practice of instant triple talaq, or talaq-e-biddat, the All India Muslim Women’s Personal Law Board (AIMWPLB) has backed the proposed legislation that criminalises the practice.

  • Talaq ‘to be’ a punishable offence in India

    India has approved a bill identifying an instant ‘talaq’ as punishable offence, which would give Muslim women the right to seek maintenance in case of triple ‘talaq’.

  • India Triple Talaq: 5 judges, 5 faiths, what they said

    An Indian Supreme Court bench consisting of five senior most judges, all of different faiths, declare the Muslim practice of triple talaq or instant divorce by uttering "talaq (divorce)" three times "illegal and sinful", reports Times of India.