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  • Wasa water clean!

    Dhaka Wasa managing director yesterday boasted that Wasa water “is 100 percent pure” while also admitting that sometimes he himself boils the water at his home.

  • Transparency International Bangladesh TIB Report

    TIB survey on Dhaka Wasa: Rampant graft, poor service

    Nearly 45 percent service seekers in the capital don’t get the desired amount of water from Dhaka Wasa, Transparency International Bangladesh said yesterday citing its survey.

  • Dr Iftekharuzzaman

    Ensure constitutional rights of Dalits, indigenous people

    A recent TIB study shows that the Dalits and indigenous communities of the plain lands in Bangladesh have been facing widespread socio-economic discrimination, often being deprived of education, healthcare, even government's basic immunisation programmes, and employment as well as other basic human rights.

  • TIB demands judicial probe into 'shootouts'

    Transparency International Bangladesh has expressed deep concern over the killing of more than 100 people in “gunfights” during the ongoing nationwide anti-narcotics drive.

  • Bangladesh jatiya-sangsad

    TIB Study on 10th JS: Only 24 hrs spent on lawmaking in 2017

    Lawmakers of the 10th parliament, until December last, spent just nine percent of their time in parliament to pass laws, according to a TIB study.

  • Indigenous people and Dalits face discrimination

    TIB lauds safety standard at garment industries

    Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) yesterday lauded the improvements in the safety standard at readymade garment industries in Bangladesh and termed the development “revolutionary”.