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    TI Corruption Index 2019: Bangladesh retains same score as last year

    Bangladesh has gone up three steps higher than the previous year in Transparency International's global Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2019. However, Bangladesh has scored 26 out of 100, the same as 2018.

  • Bangladesh descends in corruption ranking

    Transparency International (TI) released its Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2018 on January 29, 2019. Bangladesh has scored 26 out of 100, two points lower than the 28 in 2017. The slide is worse in terms of ranking. Bangladesh has been ranked in the 149th position from the top among 180 countries, which is six steps lower than the 143rd in 2017.

  • ‘TI report unacceptable if causes of rising graft not addressed’

    Transparency International’s latest report on graft will not be accepted unless the causes of rising corruption in Bangladesh is not addressed, Anti-Corruption Commission Chairman Iqbal Mahmud said today.

  • Bangladesh on Graft Index: Slightly better, still a long way to go

    Bangladesh has moved two notches up in the global Corruption Perceptions Index of 2017, but the scale of corruption in

  • Nigeria demands back stolen money in UK

    Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari says he is not demanding "any apology from anybody" after UK Prime Minister David Cameron labelled his country "fantastically corrupt".

  • Cameron calls Nigeria and Afghanistan 'fantastically corrupt'

    David Cameron has described Nigeria and Afghanistan as "fantastically corrupt" in a conversation with the Queen.

  • freedom of press

    Danger comes with restriction

    Freedom of expression and a vibrant strong democracy go hand in hand. A free press contributes to a stronger society and

  • We can do better

    According to the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2015 released by Transparency International (TI) on January 27, 2016, Bangladesh has scored 25 in a scale of 100, same as last year and two points less than 2013.

  • Bangladesh 13th most corrupt

    Bangladesh slipped one notch to rank the 13th most corrupt country in the world in 2015, according to the global corruption index of Transparency International.

  • Bangladesh 13th most corrupt country: TI

    Bangladesh slips one place to rank as the 13th most corrupt country in the world, Transparency International reveals in its global graft index. In South Asia, Bangladesh stands as the second most graft affected country.

  • Emerging giants plagued by corruption: TI

    The world's "up and coming economies" are struggling to shake off corruption, an anti-graft watchdog warned today, citing massive scandals in Brazil and Malaysia as cause for concern.

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    TIB hails JS talk on ‘Parliament Watch’

    Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) considers the Jatiya Sangsad’s discussion on its report ‘Parliament Watch’ as positive and recognition of its works.

  • TIB's report card on parliament

    Predictably, the reaction from the government regarding the just released Transparency International, Bangladesh (TIB) report on the performance of the current parliament...

  • Mixed fruit salad sweet and sour

    Lately, three exceptional pieces of news must have grabbed your attention, even sprung pleasant surprises at you, not without a 'toxic' bit lacing them.