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  • Rethinking tobacco tax and price measures

    Tobacco use is a major public health concern in Bangladesh and all over the world. It is regarded as a leading cause of more than 30 fatal diseases in Bangladesh including oral and lung cancer

  • Tobacco giants cry foul after hard-line UN treaty

    Big tobacco companies yesterday moved to counter the hard line taken by a global tobacco control treaty, including its decision that new "vaping" products should face the same restrictions as cigarettes.

  • Dual policy for tobacco

    Contrary to its policy of discouraging tobacco cultivation, the government has retained the VAT exemption facility for unprocessed

  • Tobacco production kills

    We are shocked at a report in this daily yesterday marking 'World No Tobacco Day', that has revealed that as many as 3000 children aged between seven and 15 work in bidi factories in Lalmonirhat.

  • 74.8% tobacco products sold without pictorial warnings: Study

    Around 74.8 percent tobacco products are being marketed without any pictorial health warning violating law, according to a study.

  • Halda River at stake

    The country's largest natural breeding ground for carp, Halda River, has been under threat owing to various manmade hazards, including industrial waste and sewage contamination, sand extraction and illegal fishing.

  • Losing fish to tobacco

    As the nation's and possibly South Asia's major natural breeding ground for carp fishes like ruhi, katol and mrigal (Indian carp) from where fishermen collect spawns, the 98-kilometre Halda River that runs through Khagrachhari is unique.

  • Do e-cigarettes make it harder to stop smoking?

    People trying to give up smoking often use e-cigarettes to help wean themselves off tobacco.

  • Smokers to pay more

    Cigarette prices are set to go up as the finance minister proposes some tax measures aimed at reducing the use of tobacco and maximising revenue collection from the sector.

  • Tobacco firms fined billions in Canadian court ruling

    A Canadian court orders three tobacco companies to pay C$15.5bn (£8bn; $12bn) - the largest award for damages in the country's history.

  • All types of smoking dangerous for the heart: European Society of Cardiology

    Electronic cigarettes, hookahs and waterpipes are just as bad for you as traditional cigarettes, warns the European Society of Cardiology.

  • Industry makes $7,000 for each tobacco death: health campaigners

    The tobacco industry makes $7,000 for each of the more than 6 million people who die each year from smoking-related illness, the health campaign said group World Lung Foundation (WLF)