Syria crisis

Syria's struggle does not end with ISIS

Narratives shape our world. The deeper meaning of Orwell's words becomes clear when we know the true nature of Syria's crisis.

Syria preparing chemical weapons in Idlib: US envoy

There is “lots of evidence” that chemical weapons are being prepared by Syrian government forces in Idlib in northwest Syria, the new US adviser for Syria says, as he warns of the risks of an offensive on the country’s last big rebel enclave.

Strikes hit Syria's battered Ghouta as death toll hits 800

Heavy air strikes and clashes hit the Syrian rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta ahead of an urgent UN Security Council meeting on the escalating violence.

Syria: Bombings rock Damascus suburb Sayyida Zeinab

Bomb attacks hit a Damascus suburb which is the site of Syria's holiest Shia shrine, killing at least 12 people, state media reports.

11 civilians dead in attacks in Syria's Aleppo: monitor

At least 11 civilians were killed in Syria's second city Aleppo in one of the highest single tolls since a fragile truce came into force, a monitor says.

Twin car bombs kill 46 in Syria's Homs as truce efforts flounder

Double car bomb attacks kill at least 46 people in Syria's central city of Homs on Sunday as international efforts to bring about a ceasefire in the war-torn country have floundered.

Syria crisis: Aid arrives in besieged Muadhamiya

The first of several convoys carrying badly-needed aid to besieged areas of Syria has arrived at its destination.

Russia rejects Syria war crimes claim over hospital attacks

Russia says it "categorically rejects" accusations of war crimes over the bombing of hospitals in Syria.

Syria conflict: France calls on Russia to stop bombing civilians

French PM Manuel Valls urges Russia to stop bombing civilians while carrying out airstrikes in Syria - but Moscow denies harming them.

August 16, 2015
August 16, 2015

Air strikes on Syria marketplace kill 80

At least 80 people are killed Sunday in a string of Syrian government air strikes on a marketplace in Douma, a rebel-held town near Damascus

June 26, 2015
June 26, 2015

Syria Crisis: Islamic State 'kills 120 civilians' in Kobane

Islamic State (IS) militants kills more than 120 civilians since launching a fresh attack on the Syrian border town of Kobane, activists say.

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