Sylhet Raid | The Daily Star
  • Cases filed over Sylhet twin blast

    Police have filed a case over the incident of two powerful explosions that killed six people near a militant den in Sylhet's Shibbari area on Saturday.

  • 4 militants dead at Sylhet den: Army

    Bangladesh Army has neutralised four militants including a woman at Atia Mahal, the centre of all attention where “Operation Twilight” is still underway, Brig General Mohammad Fakhrul Ahsan tells journalists at a press briefing in Shibbari of Sylhet.

  • 2 militants killed, Sylhet raid to linger: Army

    Bangladesh Army claims to have killed at least two militants in “Operation Twilight” in the follow up to Sylhet raid, which has been going on for over 50 hours since Friday. While it is still unclear as to when the raid will end, the army has confirmed use of heavy artillery to subdue the militants.