Somali pirates

Hijacked MV Abdullah: Team engaged to resolve crisis

The pirates who hijacked the Bangladeshi bulk career MV Abdullah were yet to contact the ship’s owning firm or any third party for ransom as of yesterday.

Indian Navy thwarts Somali pirates by intercepting a 'pirate vessel'

The Indian Navy today said one of its warships yesterday intercepted a pirate vessel

Somali piracy: Years of terror and ransoms

Since 2005, the pirates of Somalia have terrorised the waters along its coastline and beyond taking advantage of a political void in the country. Here is a recap.

Hijacked MV Abdullah: Pirates take it further north of Somali coast

The pirates took the Bangladesh-flagged ship 45 to 50 nautical miles to the north and anchored it 4 nautical miles off the coast of Godobjiran town of Somalia yesterday evening.

Hijacked Bangladeshi ship anchors near Somalian port: BMMOA

The hijacked Bangladeshi-flagged cargo ship has anchored 20 miles off the Somalian port of Garacad, Bangladesh Merchant Marine Officers' Association (BMMOA) said this afternoon

Hijacked Bangladeshi ship likely to reach Somalian coast this afternoon: BMMOA

The hijacked Bangladeshi-flagged cargo ship was around 72 nautical miles off the Somalian port of Garacad at 6:00am today, and it is moving towards the coast

Bangladeshi Hostages of ‘Somali Pirates’ / Distressed, their families now fear the worst

Atik Ullah Khan’s family was having iftar on Tuesday, during the first day of Ramadan, when a phone call shattered their world.

Hijacked ship sailing fast to Somali shores

Neither the government nor the firm that owns the Bangladesh-flagged ship hijacked with 23 crew members has been able to contact the hostages or pirates as of last night.

Efforts on, but no timeframe on crew's rescue: state minister for shipping

State Minister for Shipping Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury said today that they were taking appropriate steps to safely bring back the crew members of the hijacked Bangladeshi ship MV Abdullah, but it was not possible to say when that could be done

March 13, 2024
March 13, 2024

An iftar phone call makes a mother's nightmare come true

Mother of the hijacked Bangladeshi ship’s chief officer urges vessel's owning firm, govt to rescue all crew members

March 13, 2024
March 13, 2024

23 Bangladeshis held hostage by ‘Somali’ pirates

Suspected Somali pirates yesterday hijacked a Bangladesh-flagged cargo ship with 23 crew members in the Indian ocean, according to the company that owns the vessel.

March 23, 2011
March 23, 2011

Nightmare on board

Fear was what possessed the sailors over the 100 days in captivity. They had been briefed on a situation like ship hijacking. But nothing worked as the pirates boarded their ship and asked them to surrender. Three of the sailors even fainted. “Are they going to shoot me now? Would they let me talk with my daughter, would they?” M Idris, a deck fitter, was uttering to himself, lying on the floor of the ship's Bridge along with several others following the pirates' instruction.

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