The importance of sleep and best ways to get quality sleep

The world moves fast and so does our life. In our quest of reaching new heights and achieving new milestones, we are constantly overlooking a crucial element of life; sleep. We are not getting enough of it. Arguably the most important component of our overall wellbeing, not getting enough sleep can have a negative impact on both our physical and mental health.

#Guides / How to unlock the secrets to a fulfilling life

Happiness is a lifelong quest. It is a state of mind, a state of satisfaction and contentment and it is subjective. While it is impossible to be happy at all times, a combination of intentional practice and mindful habits can steer people in the direction of long-term satisfaction and happiness. So, below, we list some steps to be taken for a happier life.

Can naps keep our brains healthy?

While longer naps could be an early symptom of Alzheimer’s disease, shorter naps are more and more being associated with larger total brain volume. This means that those daytime winks you love so much may actually protect against brain shrinkage as you age.

How not to ruin your sleep schedule

Here’s how to steer clear of disrupting your circadian clock and maintain a proper schedule.

How insomnia affects the lives of young adults

Insomnia has been known to cause health issues such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.

What makes some sleep good, and some sleep bad?

You have slept, but did it help?

Cover Story / There is no tradeoff between sleep and productivity

The cultural belief is that sleep and productivity are mutually exclusive.

The Curious Case of Dreams and Nightmares

The fascination with dreams led to the development of theories about their origin, much of which is still inconclusive.

How your food habits affect your sleeping pattern

Dissecting the dynamic between dosing off and your favourite dishes.

September 24, 2022
September 24, 2022

Sleeping norms around the world

How beds are shared in a particular culture says a lot about their customs, environmental conditions, values, and material wealth. Besides, who you share your bed with can determine the quality and the amount of sleep that you get, yet another testimony to the fact that sleeping patterns are as much a cultural factor as they are biological.

June 2, 2022
June 2, 2022

Want to lose weight like Taslima Nasreen?

Reactions amongst social media users are high after a post by author Taslima Nasreen, where she claimed to lose around 20 kgs of weight last Tuesday night. In her Twitter account, she also mentioned being overjoyed about wearing her favourite summer trousers, saris and casual shirts once again. Most of the comments that followed either expressed gratitude on her achievement or asked about the details of the accomplishment. While we don’t know how Taslima Nasrin reduced her weight so effectively, here’s a few pointers from Star Lifestyle.

May 24, 2022
May 24, 2022

How to effectively increase attention span

A short attention span can create a bunch of difficulties in our everyday lives including poorer performance at school or work, and impotence in completing daily tasks.

March 12, 2020
March 12, 2020

How do you sleep?

Many people struggle to fall asleep. Once they do, though, they struggle to have enough of it.

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