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  • Tannery waste taints Dhaleshwari

    Minhaz Uddin was one of over a thousand fishermen who earned a living by fishing in a five-kilometre stretch of the Dhaleshwari river, from Fulbaria to Vakurta downstream.

  • savar map

    2 die of ‘poisonous gas’ inhalation in Savar tannery estate

    Two workers die and another falls ill after inhaling “poisonous gas” at a tannery factory in Hemayetpur of Savar, on the outskirts area of Dhaka.

  • Damaging environment: Hazaribagh tanners relieved of Tk 30cr fine

    The Supreme Court exonerates the Hazaribagh tannery owners from paying Tk 30.85 crore for damaging and polluting the environment.

  • Dhaleshwari faces risk of salinity

    A huge quantity of dissolved salt will be discharged into the Dhaleshwari river from the Savar Tannery Industrial Estate as the central effluent treatment plant (CETP) there doesn't have the component needed for desalinising wastewater. Even if all the other toxic materials are treated, the salt will kill the biodiversity of the river, say, environmentalists. The country's tannery industry uses around 40,000 tonnes of salt annually.

  • Hazaribagh tanners, compensation for environmental damage, HC

    Pay fine until relocation

    With tanners dithering over relocation of their factories to Savar, the High Court yesterday ordered the owners of 154 tanneries in the capital's Hazaribagh to pay Tk 50,000 each a day in compensation for damaging the environment in the area.

  • Actions farcical

    Rawhides are piling up at Posta in the capital's Lalbagh and the traders are left in the lurch, thanks to the government move to prevent raw hides from reaching the tanneries in Hazaribagh.