Sadiq Khan

Give Britain another chance

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called for another referendum on Britain's European Union membership, saying the prime minister's handling of Brexit negotiations had become "mired in confusion and deadlock" and was leading the country down a damaging path.

London’s mayor bans body-shaming ads on public transport

Advertising that promotes an unhealthy body image will be banned on London's subway network, in a move that signals a backlash against suggestive marketing in public places.

POLITICS+CULTURE & SOCIETY / Sadiq Khan's Democratic Islam

The man of the hour in the United Kingdom, if not in Europe, is obviously Sadiq Khan – Pakistani by origin, Muslim by faith, and newly elected Mayor of London.

Sadiq Khan wants to 'educate' Trump on Islam

As a response to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s comment on a ban on Muslim in the United States, London's new mayor Sadiq Khan says he would welcome Trump to London to "educate" him about Islam and its compatibility with Western values.

Trump softens stance on Muslim ban

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appears to have softened his stance on temporarily barring Muslims from travelling to the US.

Unity over Division

The calm, unyielding yet racially and religiously inclusive campaign of Sadiq Khan has come to symbolise all that is most impressive about London: its diversity.

Letters To The Editor / Sadiq Khan: the new mayor of London

The victory of Labour lawmaker Sadiq Khan as the mayor of London is historic as he is the first Muslim mayor of a major European capital.

Trump will make 'exception' for Sadiq Khan

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump says the newly elected mayor of London would be an "exception" to his proposed ban on Muslims travelling to the US.

Opinion: Why Sadiq Khan's victory matters

Sadiq Khan made British political history Friday, becoming the first Muslim to be elected mayor of London. But while his achievement is uplifting, the campaign by his opponents was a dispiriting, sometimes ugly affair.

May 7, 2016
May 7, 2016

London's new Muslim mayor hails 'unity over division'

London's new mayor Sadiq Khan thanked voters for choosing "unity over division" as he was elected Saturday, becoming the first Muslim leader of a major Western capital.

May 7, 2016
May 7, 2016

Sadiq Khan becomes London's first Muslim mayor

Sadiq Khan is elected London mayor, the first Muslim mayor of a European Union capital, in a boost for the opposition Labour Party.