Rokia Afzal Rahman

ICC-B expresses condolence on demise of Rokia Afzal Rahman

The executive board of the International Chamber of Commerce-Bangladesh (ICC-B) expressed deep condolence on the demise of ICC-B Vice President Rokia Afzal Rahman.

A Life Well-Lived

Rokia Afzal Rahman was one of the most famous icons of women empowerment in Bangladesh.

An inspiration like none other

It is said that a successful South Asian entrepreneur is able to run business anywhere in the world as they have the skills to overcome multifaceted barriers in almost every step of the entrepreneurial journey. 

My dearest Roki

As I think of Roki, her infectious smile, glowing energy, and caring nature flood my mind with beautiful memories.

‘Bangladesh has lost an idol’

Says Sadequa Hassan Sejuti, secretary general of Bangladesh Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (BFWE)

A torchbearer for women’s economic empowerment

Roki Apa, you will be missed, but your legacy of empowering women economically will live on.

Rokia Afzal Rahman was a visionary business leader: MCCI chief

The foresightedness of Rokia Afzal Rahman was unparallel

Demise of Rokia A Rahman / A stalwart supporter of free media, women entrepreneurs

The chairperson of Mediaworld Ltd, the owning company of The Daily Star, Rokia passed away peacefully in her sleep at the Mt. Elizabeth Novena Hospital in Singapore this morning.

January 11, 2018
January 11, 2018

Rokia to head women entrepreneurs' body

Rokia Afzal Rahman, a noted entrepreneur, has recently been elected as president of Bangladesh Federation of Women

February 6, 2016
February 6, 2016

Glitz, warmth light up Star gala evening

The Daily Star yesterday celebrated its 25th anniversary amid much fanfare and with a renewed resolve to better contribute to the democratic and socioeconomic development of the country.

January 14, 2016
January 14, 2016

Daily Star turning 26

The Daily Star has begun the celebration of its 25th founding anniversary with much enthusiasm and promise to continue upholding the standard of journalism.

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