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    Inside look at 138 East

    Ashfaq Rahman Asif, Managing Director, 138 East speaks to The Daily Star about the story behind creating this restaurant, which has particularly gained popularity among the youth. He talks about his passion, challenges and ways to overcome them and how he is also operating other ventures-Tarka, Tehari Avenue, Haveli, Pier 138, and Busy Beans, along with his partners.

  • Chef Billal Hossain in Northampton's Tamarind Restaurant

    Foodies in Northampton, UK, were in for treat this Valentine's Day. The Tamarind Restaurant, Northamptonshire's premier fine dining restaurant, hosted Qatar airways' Chef, Md Billal Hossain

  • Japanese police raid elite 'tiger blowfish' supper club

    A members-only Japanese restaurant serving the banned and deadly delicacy "tiger blowfish" liver is raided, according to police.

  • Restaurant Review: EL TORO

    El Toro stands out as one of the top and longest running Mexican food joints in the city. Check out what the foodies had to say about the restaurant.

  • [WATCH] Tawa: Melt-in-your-mouth Kebab destination

    Melt in your mouth kebabs, smooth well blended Palak Paneer with the customary pockets of paneer, all scooped with a warm fluffy naan—does this catch your fancy? Tawa - named after a skillet used to warm breads, chapatis and so on - in Banani has just this and many more all-time favorites on their menu.