Padma bridge in Bangladesh

Installation of rail track on lower deck of Padma Bridge may start in 2 weeks

Padma Bridge project authority will start the process of handing over the structure to the railway authority tomorrow so that the latter can start installing rail track on the lower deck of the bridge.

Woman gives birth near Padma Bridge toll plaza in Jazira

A 22-year-old woman gave birth to a baby boy near the Padma Bridge toll plaza in Jazira, Shariatpur yesterday (July 4, 2022). She was on her way to Dhaka from Madaripur’s Shibchar.

Tk 3.16cr record toll collected from 26,394 vehicles on Padma Bridge yesterday

The government earned record Tk 3.16 crore in revenue through toll from the vehicles that crossed the Padma Bridge yesterday (July 1, 2022), the sixth day after opening of the bridge to traffic.

Video of biker “making away without paying” Padma Bridge toll goes viral

A video of a motorbike making away without paying toll at Padma Bridge has gone viral on social media.

After Padma Bridge, motorbikes might be banned on Dhaka-Mawa Expressway

After Padma Bridge, Roads and Highways Department (RHD) is considering banning motorcycles on Dhaka-Mawa-Bhanga Expressway.

A tangled web: 11 law enforcement units in charge of Padma Bridge

A day after Padma Bridge was opened, two young men died in a motorcycle accident on the bridge on Sunday (June 26, 2022).

False Padma Bridge corruption stories: HC orders to form commission for identifying culprits

The High Court today (June 28, 2022) ordered the government to form a commission in 30 days in order to identify people who made up false stories about corruption involving the Padma Bridge project.

Parking car to make music video on Padma Bridge: Driver fined

A mobile court yesterday (June 27, 2022) fined a private car driver Tk 1,000 for parking his vehicle on Padma Bridge to make a music video, defying the government ban.

Vehicular movement on Padma Bridge declines on day 2

The number of vehicles crossed the Padma Bridge on the second day has reduced significantly after the authorities banned motorcycles from crossing the bridge from 6:00 am today (June 27, 2022).

June 4, 2022
June 4, 2022

Padma Bridge: Grand opening on the cards

Never before has a celebration of such mammoth proportions been planned in the country. 

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