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  • Officials say boat carrying Rohingya Muslims lands in Indonesia

    Indonesian authorities said a boat carrying 20 men believed to be Rohingya Muslims landed on the Northeastern shore of Indonesia’s Sumatra island today.

  • Myanmar civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi

    Tens of thousands turn out for Myanmar interfaith rally

    Tens of thousands of people fill a football stadium in Yangon for an interfaith rally, a show of unity in a country seared by ethnically-charged violence against the Muslim Rohingya on its western border.

  • Is South Asia the new Middle East?

    The Middle East is often viewed as a region waylaid by feelings of collective humiliation and violent rivalries, both between and within countries.

  • Where is our Rohingya Policy?

    What we have today in the Rakhine State of Myanmar is a regime of ethnic cleansing. This latest round of pogrom of the Rohingyas is the result of the international community's abject lack of action.

  • ‘Rohingya children beheaded, men burnt alive by Myanmar troops’

    Rohingya children and women are being massacred, burnt alive and are fleeing their homes as reports of renewed persecution against Rohingya Muslims living in the Rakhine State of Myanmar dominates international and local media.

  • 3 Rohingyas drown, 3 missing in Naf river

    Two women and a minor boy of Rohingya community drown and three others remain missing as a boat carrying the fleeing Rohingyas capsizes in Naf River in Hwaikong Bazar area of Teknaf.

  • Apartheid in our neighbourhood!

    The expression “apartheid”, according to the Oxford Dictionary, means racial segregation, especially in South Africa. I am not sure if apartheid has, in real terms...

  • UN worried

    Expressing deep concern at reports of the killing of civilians in security operations in Rakhine State, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has reiterated Myanmar's responsibility to provide security and assistance to those in need.

  • Myanmar must change tack on Rohingyas

    The very fact that Myanmar has termed the recent militant attack on its security forces as being the work of “extremist Bengali insurgents” underlines the very crux of the problem.

  • Malaysia-Myanmar matches cancelled over Rohingya issue

    Malaysia's national soccer team has cancelled two friendly under-22 matches with Myanmar, in protest against the Southeast Asian nation's bloody crackdown on ethnic Rohingya Muslims, a team spokesman said on Thursday.

  • Malaysia debates pulling out of ASEAN cup over Rohingya crackdown

    Malaysia is considering pulling its side out of a major regional soccer tournament co-hosted by Myanmar in protest over Myanmar's crackdown on ethnic Rohingya Muslims, a senior Malaysian official said on Wednesday.

  • Rohingya crisis: Politics of denial

    Myanmar has no reason or justification to deny the history and existence of Rohingyas as an ethnic race of its land. Then why does the hardline nationalist group continue to be so provocative against this community?

  • Myanmar’s Suu Kyi in transition talks

    Aung San Suu Kyi, whose party won a landslide victory in elections last month, meets President Thein Sein to discuss the handover of power.

  • Around four million voters kept out Myanmar election

    When Myanmar votes next month in what has been billed as its first free and fair election in 25 years, around 4 million of his fellow citizens, won't be taking part.

  • Europe’s dilemma is a stark closer to Asia

    Persecuted Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar and thousands of Bangladeshi nationals have undertaken perilous journeys across the Andaman Sea to reach countries in Southeast Asia.

  • Regional Governance Matters

    The majority of the Asian states rejected the International Law on Refugees, established under the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and the 1967 Protocol, claiming it to be irrelevant to the Asian refugee experiences.

  • Beauty belies dark trade

    The dense mangrove forest on both sides of the road to the Bang Ben bay through Laem Son National Park is indeed intriguing.

  • Rape–another crime of human traffickers at sea

    An investigative report by this paper has unraveled the horrifying sexual abuse of Rohingya women while they make their perilous trips at sea.

  • What language do "boat people" speak?

    I think a euphemism is a kind of lie, and the lies peoples and countries tell themselves are revealing. Describing Rohingya migrants as “boat people” is disturbing and unacceptable to me.

  • Citizenship for Rohingyas

    The recent tragedy of hundreds of boat people floating in the wilderness of the sea without food and other basic amenities has drawn the world's attention to the protracted suffering of the Rohingyas.

  • Australia pledges 5m AUD for Rohingyas

    Australia pledges grant of $5 million Australian dollars in humanitarian assistance for Rohingyas living in Cox's Bazar and Myanmar's Rakhine state.

  • Rohingya migrants

    The sighs of ancestors rock migrant boats

    AS many as 8,000 refugees have been adrift in the Andaman Sea lately, some of them stranded for more than two months.

  • The sickness of illegal immigrants

    Bangladesh relies on its workers' remittances but is seemingly happy to turn a blind eye as to why half a million of them choose to leave the country every year and how the nearly eight million currently abroad are treated.

  • Myanmar must recognise Rohingyas as its citizens

    In the wake of a much publicised international humanitarian crisis relating to boatpeople, thousands of whom are languishing in the high seas, Myanmar's reluctance to attend Thailand's May 29 regional summit to solve the issue, is disconcerting.

  • Floating coffins

    Since 2012, thousands of Rohingyas died in Arakan, and more than 150,000 people have been herded in the so-called Internally Displaced People Camps.

  • 10 die on stranded migrant boat

    Myanmar migrants on a boat stranded for a week in the Andaman Sea with no food or water say 10 people have died, while some are resorting to drinking urine.

  • US calls for regional response to migrant crisis

    The United States has voiced fear for the lives of the migrants abandoned by traffickers at land and sea, calling on Southeast Asian nations to co-operate to address the crisis.

  • Seaworthy migrant boats being pushed back to sea

    Thousands of Bangladeshis and members of Myanmar's long-persecuted Rohingya Muslim minority have no place to go after both Malaysia and Indonesia refused to offer refuge to the boatloads of hungry men, women and children.

  • Myanmar migrants begging for help

    A group of 350 migrants from Myanmar tells an activist by phone that they are abandoned by their crew and need help.

  • 1,400 Rohingyas from Bangladesh, Myanmar rescued

    Second boat carrying 400 of migrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar are rescued off Indonesia's far west coast, less than a day after nearly 600 others arrived in a wooden vessel seeking refuge.