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  • Tavella murder charge sheet ‘politically motivated’: Fakhrul

    BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir criticises the government for framing charges implicating his party leader in connection with the Italian citizen Cesare Tavella murder case.

  • Govt shifting blame for recent killings: Khaleda

    Blaming the head of the government for the recent killings, BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia says the government is shifting the blame to other people in a bid to hide facts.

  • An Uncomfortable Centre Stage

    We cannot and will not shy away just because some boro bhai (elder borther) somewhere thought killing an innocent Italian national would set Bangladesh off its course.

  • US working with Bangladesh to assess foreigners’ killers

    The United States is working relentlessly with the Bangladesh government and other key partners to identify the true culprits of the foreigner killings here.

  • Headway in the Tavella case

    After weeks of little visible progress in the investigation of the murder of Cesare Tavella, an Italian national, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police has caught four suspects involved in the killing and recovered a motorcycle that was apparently used by the murderers to escape.

  • Tavella murder blueprint unearthed: DMP chief

    Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia said they have unearthed the conspiracy and blueprint behind the killing of Italian aid worker Cesare Tavella.

  • Mystery of foreigner killings to be unveiled soon: Kamal

    Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal says the progress in the investigation into recent killings of two foreigners in Bangladesh would be disclosed soon.

  • ‘PM blamed BNP for foreigner killings to hide failure’

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina blamed BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia for the killings of foreign nationals in a bid to hide her government’s failure in identifying the real perpetrators, BNP says.

  • UK fears fresh attacks on westerners

    The United Kingdom is apprehensive about more attacks on westerners in Bangladesh, saying those could be indiscriminate.


    Perhaps it is an unprecedented, albeit a fatalistic and fatal instance of co-operation between Italy and Australia. With the tragic murder of the Italian national in Dhaka (our way of saying 'thank you' for coming here to our aid), Australia finally makes its case to cancel its cricket trip to Bangladesh.

  • Is the wolf just around the corner?

    The nature of the crimes tells us one thing for sure, that these are the work of professional men. Whether those men acted on their own, or on behalf of an extremist group, or a political cartel is critical because that can give us an idea at what rate the fuse is burning to set off explosion.

  • Creating disorder in Bangladesh

    While attempts are being made to create disorder and insecurity in Bangladesh by killing foreign nationals – politicians are busy playing a no-holds-barred blame game against each other.

  • Islamic extremists also targeting Pirs alongside free-thinkers

    Besides free-thinkers, pirs (religious instructors) also become targets of Islamic extremists.

  • Will the killings affect the economy?

    Following the killing of an innocent Italian citizen on September 28 in Dhaka, tensions have been engulfing us on all sides. Diplomatic missions, quite naturally, alerted their citizens to stay safe and take precautions while moving around the city.

  • 4 held over ‘IS link’ in Mymensingh

    Police arrest four people, including a schoolboy, from different areas in Ishwarganj upazila in last two days for their suspected link to Middle East-based militant outfit Islamic State (IS).

  • Japanese national gunned down in Rangpur

    Five days into the killing of an Italian citizen in Dhaka, a Japanese national is gunned down in northern district of Rangpur. Five persons detained for interrogation.

  • Italian citizen's murder, a rude awakening

    The antennae of some Western diplomatic missions in Dhaka had received a signal that 'Western interests' might be targeted in a terrorist attack.

  • Tavella murder: Detectives still clueless

    Detectives say they are still clueless about motives behind the murder of Italian aid worker Cesare Tavella.

  • Italian killing not IS job: Kamal

    Ruling out the existence of militant outfit Islamic State in the country, Home Minister Kamal says both Bangladesh and Italy primarily agree that the militant outfit was not involved with killing of Italian citizen Cesare Tavella.

  • Foreign missions’ alert surprises PM

    There is no justification of alert, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says expressing her surprise as some diplomatic missions in Dhaka issued the alert for their nationals following the murder of an Italian citizen in Dhaka.