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  • 'Us Women II' showcases fierce and soulful artworks

    Us Women II, an exhibition held at EMK Center in commemoration of International Women's Day, celebrates the ways in which the

  • Amishee

    Celebration of Women's Day at Amishee

    Amishee, an exclusive fine jewellery brand of Bangladesh, celebrated International Women's Day 2019 at their outlet on International Women's Day.

  • International Women's Day 2019

    Christian women’s credit union observes Women's Day

    The Women Committee of Christian Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd, Dhaka organises International Women's Day in a local church community center in Dhaka..

  • Fair organised marking the International Women's Day 2019

    Join forces to stop violence against women

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday put emphasis on creating awareness in the society to eliminate discriminations and violence against women.

  • Achieving gender equality still a challenge

    Achieving gender equality still a challenge

    The International Women's Day, observed yesterday, has brought to the forefront a range of issues that give us a picture of the state of women in this country.

  • The untapped potential of women in water resource management

    The untapped potential of women in water resource management

    The International Women's Day (IWD) has been observed this year with a call to build a gender-balanced world. The day is an occasion

  • Google celebrates Int’l Women’s Day

    Search engine giant Google creates a new Doodle on its homepage celebrating the International Women's Day.

  • Using sport against child marriage

    Using sport against child marriage

    Despite social and family barriers and financial hardships, the Tangail's girls' football team, comprising of 17 players, is moving forward thanks to team manager Kamrunnahar Munni's intensive efforts.

  • Give women more room

    'Give women more room'

    Today is Women's Day, which has been celebrated in our country for a long time. It is also a day to realise the rights of women and bring equity between men and women.

  • Digitally hers

    What does a woman need to get out of an abusive situation?

  • Think equal, build smart, innovate for change

    Innovations in policies, management, finance, science and technology are increasingly recognised as a way to accelerate the

  • How Five Stem Women Shattered the Glass Ceiling

    “Teaching is best suited to women because the job is less demanding.”

  • 'Organic village' of female farmers

    This year's theme of International Women's Day -- “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change” aptly fits with the achievement of

  • Yes, they can

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday said the country would move faster towards prosperity if men and women could work together.

  • woman-in-the-workplace

    What it means to be a woman in the workplace

    It is rare for women to be at the top, period. And even rarer for that woman to have worked their way to the top—more commonly, those who hold privileged positions often inherit their family businesses. Here, we feature women in diverse industries who have worked their way to the top, in a man’s world.

  • Putting women and girls at the heart of our work

    As we reflect on International Women's Day and on the extraordinary and empowered women in our lives—leaders in politics, business, education, civil society, in entertainment and in our homes—we must also address the barriers other women face across the world.

  • Breaking the barriers

    A room full of women -- young and old and wearing bright clothes and bindis with clinking bangles -- were in a celebratory mood on the eve of International Women's Day yesterday. Every single one of them had a success story following struggle and braking barriers.

  • Time is now!

    International Women's Day first emerged from women's labour movements at the turn of the twentieth century in North America and

  • Against all odds they fight

    On this International Women's Day, I want to remember Nasima, Dolly, Shyamoli and all those women who did not allow violence and discrimination to break them, but rather gave them strength to stand up and fight back.

  • Bistaar holds exhibit on International Women's Day

    In celebration of the International Women's Day 2016, Bistaar: Chittagong Arts Complex organised a group photo exhibition by 18 female photographers of Chittagong.

  • Like4Like

    Who's that girl?

    So, International Women's Day was on March 8.

  • What Is Your Name?

    My mother's preoccupation with women's education went beyond her family. She would help any woman wanting to advance herself, through education and through jobs.

  • Women see little improvement in world of work - ILO

    Women see only "marginal improvements" in the world of work in the past 20 years, according to a global study.

  • Sheikh Hasina

    No scope to leave women behind in the name of religion: PM

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stresses need for equal development of country's womenfolk as there is no scope to leave them behind in the name of religion.

  • Celebrating Our Women

    Today marks International Women's Day, a celebration of women all over the world and their achievements – a day that has been observed since the 1900s.

  • Persona Women's Day

    To celebrate International Women's Day as well as their 19th anniversary, Persona is offering a range of rewards for customers.

  • Women's Day

    Feminist solidarity in neoliberal times

    ANOTHER International Women's Day has come and gone. This year, my Facebook feed was jammed with passionate debates on the merits of the BBC documentary 'India's Daughters.'

  • Rihanna

    Rihanna most-streamed female on Spotify

    Marking International Women's Day, popular music streaming site Spotify has compiled a list of the most-streamed female artists on the music site.

  • ‘Look at me’: Billboard heals when people pay attention

    A new billboard campaign in London depicts a woman with a bruised face that actually changes and heals as passersby stop and heed the words "look at me"

  • singer mehreen

    Mehreen joins forces with AB for Women's Day song

    Popular singer Mehreen is releasing a new song on the social media, on the occasion of International Women's Day. The video of the song – written, composed and arranged by noted guitarist Ayub Bacchu, was made by Monju Ahmed.