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    The Thai village using poop to power homes

    After successfully lighting up their homes with solar panels and stoves fueled by cow dung, the villagers are now clean energy crusaders in a gas-guzzling country that overwhelmingly relies on fossil fuels.

  • Showcasing Young Inventors

    On October 31, Fablab Dhaka hosted its first MakerMeet encouraging young innovators to showcase their creations and share ideas.

  • Local Innovation for Local Problems

    There is mounting evidence that sustainable solutions must have local support and local partners. Raising funds to import solutions from abroad addresses just one part of the challenge.

  • Umbrellas have been flawed for the past 3,000 years! Now there is a new design!

    To answer your rainy day woes, the KAZbrella is here. A modern and innovative take on the conventional umbrella design the KAZbrella closes inside out, is drip free and easy to use.

  • Drones with wings!

    Scientists have created a drone with flapping wings that can fold in and rebound following a mid-air collision

  • Brain-controlled drone shown off

    Technology that allows a drone to be piloted from the ground using only a person's brainwaves is demonstrated in Portugal