6 mountaineers to start mission Himalayas Oct 3

Six Bangladeshi mountaineers will leave Bangladesh for Nepal on October 3 with the mission of conquering the Larkya peak of the Himalayan Mountains.

Why drinking in India is an 'outdoor sport'

In India, drinking alcohol is primarily an outdoor sport played at night. The dark and the bottle go together. Even some upmarket bars have the lighting turned down low and the windows shuttered.

NASA's Scott Kelly breaks US record for most days in space

Waking up hundreds of miles above the Himalayas, astronaut Scott Kelly broke the US record for the most time spent in space with 383 days.

Sneezing monkey, 'walking' fish found in Himalayas

A monkey that sneezes when it rains and a "walking" fish are among more than 200 species discovered in the ecologically fragile eastern Himalayas in recent years, according to conservation group WWF.

7 odd ways to go to school

Bangladesh, takes its education seriously but it is not alone in its incredible story of children defeating the odds just to reach school.

Pakistan releases 163 Indian fishermen in goodwill gesture

Pakistan on Sunday released 163 Indian fishermen held for violating its territorial waters as a goodwill gesture amid tensions over the disputed Himalayan territory of Kashmir and an attack on a police station.

Bangladeshi youth scales Himalayas’ Nun Peak

A Bangladeshi youth scales the Nun peak of the Nun Kun mountain massif of the Himalayas.

Is the Himalayan Yeti a real animal?

For decades people have reported seeing an ape-man roaming the snowy wastes of the Himalayas. Is there any truth to the tales?

5.7 Nepal quake shakes Dhaka

A moderate 5.7 earthquake struck in the already devastated Nepal Saturday afternoon which was felt in Dhaka and some parts of Bangladesh.

April 29, 2015
April 29, 2015

Landslide fears after Nepal quakes

The Nepal earthquake and its aftershocks have probably triggered many landslides, scientists warn.

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