Find meaning and happiness in life with these 5 positive tips

Instead of focusing on treating mental problems like traditional psychology does, it emphasises fostering happiness and well-being. Positive psychology's fundamental goal is to discover the keys to living a happy life.

#Guides / How to unlock the secrets to a fulfilling life

Happiness is a lifelong quest. It is a state of mind, a state of satisfaction and contentment and it is subjective. While it is impossible to be happy at all times, a combination of intentional practice and mindful habits can steer people in the direction of long-term satisfaction and happiness. So, below, we list some steps to be taken for a happier life.

3 questions to measure happiness according to Steve Jobs

Before his untimely death in 2011, Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Inc, left us with some weighty advice. In the face of inevitable death, Steve shone light on what it means to genuinely be happy and some questions one must ask and ponder upon each day to evaluate happiness. “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life,” he said.

Money can buy happiness – study confirms

An increase in income or more money does lead to more happiness.

3 ways to find happiness in life according to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the late co-founder and CEO of Apple, was known not only for his innovative spirit and business acumen but also for his unique perspectives on life and happiness. In 2005 he delivered his now revered speech at Stanford University on life and paved a roadmap for happiness and satisfaction.

#Perspective / Learning to say No!

A vital life skill that many individuals struggle with is learning to say "no." It may be challenging to set limits and advocate for oneself, whether it's in response to a social invitation, a request for assistance at work, or a request for a personal favour. Nonetheless, it may be beneficial to others to say "no," as well as one's personal well-being.

#Perspective / 7 rules to be happy as you grow older

Corey’s guidelines can make people feel better about themselves and age better too. It can give people hope that there is more to life, even beyond a certain age and gets them to focus on the positives of aging. Therefore, if the onset of old age gives you the jitters, give Corey’s rules a chance- make a mental checklist of all that’s left to do and get to it!

6 things you can do every day to make yourself happier

Sometimes, we just feel down and there’s no two-ways about it. These days can be termed as gloomy days, where we feel irritated about everything around us. On these days when nothing seems to be uplifting our moods, there are a few tricks that experts ask us to explore, and 6 ‘off the famous list to happiness’ could be just what you were looking for

Being kind really does give us a warm glow inside

New UK research finds that the warm glow we feel after helping others is real, with brain scans showing that the reward centre in the brain is activated after an act of kindness.

April 10, 2016
April 10, 2016

Happy relationships do not depend on marriage: study

We all have hear married people live happier over their lifetimes than single folks do. People tend to say they're more "satisfied" with life just after their weddings.But a report in Tech Insider asks if it is actually the act of marriage that's causing those benefits.

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