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  • Foggy weather in Bangladesh

    Gloomy weather likely to continue for 2 or 3 more days

    The foggy weather that stated this morning is likely to continue for two or three more days across the country, says Met office.

  • Fog disrupts ferry service for 5 hours

    Ferry service on Paturia-Daulatdia route resumed yesterday after five and a half hours of suspension due to dense fog.

  • Flights delayed, ferries stuck

    Dense fog brought misery to thousands of travellers, causing major disruption to flights, ferry services and road transport across the country yesterday.

  • Fog disrupts ferry services on two Padma routes

    Ferry services on Paturia-Daulatdia and Shimulia-Kathalbari routes in the Padma river have remained suspended for hours due to dense fog.

  • Lights were out during pile-ups

    All 153 sodium lights on Bangabandhu Bridge were turned off during the 16-vehicle pile-ups on the bridge in the early morning fog of January 9 that left six people dead. To the astonishment of many, Bangladesh Bridge Authority, which looks after the country's longest bridge, had usually been using only half of the lights on the bridge to “save electricity”, even in dense fog.

  • Highway speed limit 50 in foggy weather

    To prevent road crashes, the government has lowered the speed limit to 50kmph on highways during foggy weather, despite the fact that similar decisions on road safety remain unimplemented for years.

  • Temperature may dive to 8

    Meteorologists anticipate that the temperature across the country might dive to below eight degree centigrade within next two or three days.