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  • Banani FR Tower

    The wrong kind of fire

    Fire has been essential for human development. Without the domestication of fire, humans couldn't migrate to inhospitable regions of the world.

  • Banani Fire

    When will the collective psyche of the nation awaken?

    It has been a month since the devastating fire in Chawkbazar took 70 lives and soon after, three new fire infernos in the capital also made headlines—Banani's FR Tower inferno

  • Banani FR Tower Design Forgery

    Buildings outside Dhaka risky too

    Some recent fire tragedies in the capital, including the one that left 26 people dead in Banani on March 28, once again exposed an abysmal fire safety in the city.

  • Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

    Introduce annual fire safety clearance

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday asked the fire department to inspect high-rises, and commercial buildings every year and issue fire safety certificates.

  • Bashundhara shopping mall fire

    Fire safety in shopping malls

    We are happy to note that fire fighters had successfully doused the massive fire that broke out on Sunday in the Bashundhara shopping mall without any casualty.