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  • EU 2020 budget talks drag on because of disagreement

    Talks setting the EU's budget for next year are going down to the wire because of disagreement between member states and the European Parliament, officials say.

  • Digital Security Bill 2018

    Revise Digital Security Act

    Expressing serious concerns at the deteriorating human rights situation in Bangladesh, the European Parliament yesterday regretted the government's decision to enact the Digital Security Act ahead of the national election.

  • Cease Rohingya persecution

    The European Parliament has called upon the military and security forces in Myanmar to immediately cease the killings, harassment

  • European Parliament

    EU Parliament adopts tough Brexit 'red lines'

    The European Parliament overwhelmingly adopts tough "red lines" for negotiations over a Brexit deal, on which EU lawmakers will have the final say in two years' time.

  • Concern over extremism, shrinking of political space

    Terming political situation in Bangladesh worrying, members of the European Parliament (EP) called for dialogue between democratic parties of the country to reach a political consensus, and for greater respect for freedom of speech.

  • Stand against violent acts of extremists

    The European Parliament delegation for South Asia has called on the government, political parties and civil society members to

  • EP worried over rights situation

    A European Parliament (EP) delegation has expressed concern over the human rights situation in Bangladesh, and called for an impartial investigation into all the cases of blogger killings.

  • EP team for agreed mechanisms before next election

    The European Parliament delegation puts emphasis on ‘some agreed mechanisms’ well ahead of the next general election in Bangladesh so that ‘many parties’ can participate in the polls in a free, fair and open manner.

  • Debate in European Parliament on freedom of expression in Bangladesh

    The European Parliament (EP) will see a debate on a motion to adopt a resolution on the freedom of expression in Bangladesh.