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Bangladesh in the post-industrial world

Bangladesh's economic performance over the last decade has garnered praise from the international community. Multilateral

Sorely lagging behind in research

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has rightly stressed the need for research and development in order to maintain Bangladesh's current

Research can help keep up GDP growth

Scientists and researchers have responsibilities to find out sustainable ways to maintain Bangladesh's current economic and GDP growth, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said yesterday.

What the rising GDP and per capita income are not telling us

On April 4, 2019, the World Bank presented its latest economic forecast that Bangladesh's economy will grow at 7.3 percent in the


FDIs have two competing interests: economic development for host states and profit maximisation for foreign investors. It is the lure

The unseen link between sexual violence and economic development

This year's Independence Day has come with a new sense of pride and the hope of a promising future. Our country's move from low-income country (LIC) status to lower-middle-income country (LMIC), as per the World Bank's classification, has created hopes that Bangladesh's economic development will go a long way in the upcoming years.

Ecological havoc in Dhaka

Dhaka is faced with many direct threats to biodiversity with accelerating economic development, growing population, land grabbing, congested housing, tree felling, and vehicles emitting toxic fumes leading to extreme pollution and poor quality of life.

Poor focus on nutrition hurts development

Nutrition is the foundation of human health, education and economic development, and yet it gets poor attention pulling back nations

The challenge of inequality - An agenda for action

It is only when the poor and other excluded sections of the population are sitting in the representative institutions of the state, in local elective bodies as well as in Parliament, that they will be able to ensure that their particular concerns are mainstreamed within the policymaking process.

January 3, 2016
January 3, 2016

PM for changing marginalised people’s fate

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stresses changing the fate of marginal people for the country’s overall socio-economic development.

December 28, 2015
December 28, 2015


The year 2015 is ending with some positive notes for the Bangladesh economy, though challenges continue to accompany them.

August 25, 2015
August 25, 2015

Effective functioning of Environment Court

Agenda 21, a comprehensive action program adopted at the historic Rio Conference of 1992, was designated to integrate the goals of continued economic development and environmental protection.

July 16, 2015
July 16, 2015

ADB trims China, developing Asia growth forecasts

The Asian Development Bank trims its growth forecasts for China and developing Asia this year and next owing to weakness the world's number two economy.

May 9, 2015
May 9, 2015

Is it a sustained driver of economic growth and employment creation?

There is need for a well-designed and effective industrial policy wherein monetary (interest rate subsidies) and fiscal incentives (reduced taxes or tax holidays) should be transparent and time-bound.

April 30, 2015
April 30, 2015

Transforming Economies, Realising Rights

Ultimately, upholding women's rights will not only make economies work for women, it will also benefit societies as a whole by creating a fairer and more sustainable future.

April 17, 2015
April 17, 2015

Unrest biggest risk to near-term outlook: WB

Political unrest, vulnerability in the banking sector and low investment stand in the way of higher GDP growth and economic development, the World Bank said.